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In a land where the divine presence reigns supreme, there exists the most exalted King of all kings, the epitome of purity. May peace eternally grace His Messenger and Prophet, the noble Muhammad, son of Amina (PBUH).

Once upon a time, in a Persian town, two siblings named Kasim and Ali Baba stood as key players in a familial saga. Following their father's passing, the modest inheritance he left behind was divided between them, with each taking their share.

Kasim entered into matrimony with the daughter of a wealthy local, while Ali Baba wed a woman from more humble origins. A twist of fate bestowed unexpected riches upon Kasim when his son-in-law passed away, leaving all his wealth to Kasim, who then managed it. As a result, Kasim swiftly ascended to the position of the town's wealthiest individual.

On the contrary, Ali Baba found himself with only a meager inheritance from his father, plunging him into a life of poverty. He possessed little more than three bags, which he used to venture into the forest. There, he toiled, cutting wood and transporting it to the town, selling it to earn a meager income that sustained himself and his wife.

One fateful day, as Ali Baba went about his usual business in the forest, he encountered an unexpected spectacle. After loading his bags with wood, he noticed a cloud of dust approaching in the distance, signifying an imminent arrival of riders. Swiftly realizing that continuing his path would lead him into their clutches, he concealed his bags in a hiding place and sought refuge beneath a towering, ancient tree, one that concealed him from view.

Shortly thereafter, Ali Baba watched as the horsemen arrived, dismounted, and secured their horses. Each of them was a robust, well-armed man, their steeds laden with mysterious cargo. Ali Baba counted a total of forty men in their party and speculated about the nature of their activities. These were undoubtedly thieves, their hidden treasures now laid bare before him.

Ali Baba's eyes were fixed on the leader of the band, who approached a concealed stone covered with grass. Ali Baba had never before noticed the stone's existence. The leader stood before it, declaring, "Fayau, open the Simsim mountain." To Ali Baba's astonishment, the stone split in two, revealing a hidden door. The thieves entered the mountain, laden with their ill-gotten gains, and the leader followed suit. As he did, the stone shifted back into place, concealing the entrance as if it had never existed.

With bated breath, Ali Baba remained hidden in the tree, observing every detail. When the thieves eventually emerged from the mountain, their leader counted them, totaling thirty-nine in all, including himself. Ali Baba overheard the command to close the mountain, which the leader uttered as "Garam, close the Simsim mountain." The stone obediently sealed the entrance. The thieves then mounted their horses and departed the way they had come.

Upon the disappearance of their dust trails, Ali Baba descended from the tree and hastened to retrieve his concealed bags, preparing to return home. However, a voice within him urged him to utter the same words he had heard the leader speak. "Try saying these words," it whispered, "and see if the rock will open."

Standing at the exact spot where the leader had stood, Ali Baba spoke the incantation, "Fayau, open the Simsim mountain." To his amazement, the door swung open, granting him access. Stepping inside, Ali Baba found the stone closing behind him, revealing a world bathed in unexpected light. Before him lay mountains of treasure, comprising gold, silver, bronze, and an abundance of wealth beyond measure.

Ali Baba marveled at the immense fortune amassed by the thieves, speculating that this treasure must have been handed down through generations. The thieves' numbers alone could not account for the vast wealth they had acquired, even over a century.

He filled some sacks with gold, cognizant that his bags would not suffice to carry it all. Once laden, Ali Baba spoke, "Fayau, open the Simsim mountain." The stone door opened, enabling him to withdraw the sacks. He then uttered, "Garam, close the Simsim mountain," and the stone concealed the entrance once more.

Carefully concealing the treasure amidst his wood, Ali Baba secured it for transport. He returned home, his heart brimming with exhilaration.

Upon arriving home, he led the donkeys inside, and when they moved the concealed treasure, it shimmered brilliantly, catching his wife's attention. He recounted the extraordinary events to her, and she offered her gratitude to the divine for their unexpected fortune. She declared, "This night, God has transformed our destiny, and there is no one in the entire town as prosperous as we. Let us count and see."

Ali Baba laughed and replied, "What more could I ask for?"


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