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GURBIN IDO Complete Hausa Novel Document by GURBIN IDO


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Author: Safiyya Abdullahi Huguma ,

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Gurbin Ido Hausa novel is a captivating novel written by Safiyya Abdullahi Huguma. The novel takes readers on a journey of love, loss, and betrayal in the Hausa community.

Description of GURBIN IDO Hausa Novel

The title, Gurbin Ido, which translates to "The Hole of Eye," is a metaphorical representation of the central theme of the novel. The story revolves around a young Hausa girl named Aisha, who falls in love with Ibrahim, a man from a wealthy family. Despite their cultural and social differences, Aisha and Ibrahim embark on a journey of love that soon turns sour.

The author's use of the Hausa language adds an authentic feel to the novel and transports readers to the Hausa community. The language barrier may be a challenge for readers who are not familiar with the Hausa language, but the author's descriptions and storytelling abilities make the novel easy to follow.

The characters in Gurbin Ido hausa novel are well-developed and relatable. The reader gets to experience the different emotions and struggles that the characters go through. The novel explores the dynamics of love, family, and societal pressure in the Hausa community.

One of the strengths of the novel is the author's ability to showcase the beauty of the Hausa culture. From the food to the clothing, the author gives readers a glimpse into the Hausa way of life. The novel also highlights some of the cultural practices and beliefs that may be unfamiliar to readers outside of the Hausa community.


You can see a wide and abundant forest, which is full of green plants and plants of different types, tall and short, grasses and other plants that God has given them to exist there, some of which even humans have not seen, or don't know what, some of them are medicine and protection for the human body.

The way the sky is green and the variety of plants and their abundance alone will tell you that we are in a time of frequent rains, that is, the rainy season, even though it is an outdoor place full of blessings and blessings, blessings and blessings be upon you.

It is difficult to find a place that is dry or dry….. this reason has brought the presence of Fulani in their environment, they set up their huts and started a great run there…. because it is the only place that suits their needs and the needs of their animals , whose needs of their animals are higher than theirs.

It is evening, which will pass in a few minutes until sunset, when every shepherd is trying to let their animals go home because of the approach of night.

In the place they call a city in their area, each team is accompanied by its supervisors, two, three, four, up to five people if there are many, most of them are men, the women inside are countable.

Little by little, these animals are passing to the places where their habitat is, as if they have finished passing….. then another herd is emerging slowly.

They are beautiful cattle, sheep, lambs and goats with a lot of attention, not everything brings that but the condition of the herd and the cleanliness of the herd, almost all the animals in it are white. and some are stripes of the ground.

All this is not surprising, the most interesting thing is the beautiful young woman who is raising from the left center to the right of the animals and is setting them, at first you will think that she is not the only one doing this work. but if you look at her for a long time, you will understand that she is alone, carrying only one stick.

A unique and original beauty even in the flower, the kind of beauty that you would expect to be a half case, Maimunatu has a different kind of beauty that makes anyone who sees her as a stranger waste his time in looking at her, but also.

Despite her beauty, not a single person befriended her

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Nice story


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That's so amazing

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