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GIMBIYA HAKIMA Complete Hausa Novel Document by GIMBIYA HAKIMA


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Author: Jameela Jameey ƴar mutan Kankia ,

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*Ranki raised her voice, saying, "Hakima, the Fulani girl, spoke up, expressing her desire to speak. "Lantana, come forward and tell me why you want to speak to everyone today."*


*Maryam, Hakima's maid, then added, "Today, Hakima said she doesn't want to speak to anyone. Has something happened in this house?"*


*Lantana, feeling uneasy, replied, "Maryam, my dear, I came to you today because I couldn't hold back any longer."*


*Hakima responded, "May God grant you health, dear. Tell me, Gimbiya Hakima, why did you call me? What has troubled your heart?"*


*Lantana said, "I need your forgiveness for my wrongdoing." She hesitated, then continued, "I'm afraid to face everyone, that's why I couldn't speak until today."*


*Najeeb and the others didn't let their emotions show as they exchanged greetings and left. Then Shuraima arrived, and she said, "I'm coming to see Zulaihat, even if she's crying. I'm going."*


*However, she didn't want to talk to the young lady, despite her trying to engage her in conversation. Shuraima was disappointed, but she didn't push her. Zubaida and the others found them and decided to cheer them up, hoping they'd be in better spirits when they left for their flight tomorrow.*


*After Zubaida's attempt to cheer them up, she excused herself to return to her room. Zulaihat followed her after finishing her meal and started a conversation. She thanked Zubaida for her concern and told her she was ready to face the challenges ahead.*


*Zubaida, in response, wished her strength, saying, "You can do it. You can handle any situation, Zulaihat. Najeeb and I will support you, no matter what."*


*Najeeb, on the other hand, didn't intervene, but he couldn't help thinking about the marriage situation. Would it be possible to proceed with the marriage given Zulaihat's reluctance? These questions weighed heavily on him, and he couldn't help but murmur to himself as he pondered the way forward.*


*As he returned to his part of the house, he couldn't find any answers. But he felt a sense of relief, knowing that tomorrow, they would all depart for the estate. He hoped that a change of scenery would help ease their troubles. Najeeb then went to his room, and as he covered himself, he continued to mull over the complexities of their situation.*


*It was then that Zubaida received a call from Moha, and they talked about their day and their relationship. They both prayed for each other's well-being, asking Allah to bless their marriages and keep them free from any trouble.*


*Najeeb, who was left with his thoughts, couldn't help but worry. He wondered if they had made a mistake by bringing Zulaihat into this situation. He questioned whether their marriage was destined to face challenges from the very beginning.*


*The next day, they prepared to leave for the estate, hoping that the change of surroundings would help. They packed their bags and got ready for the journey. Before leaving, Zulaihat looked at Najeeb, and it was clear that she still had doubts in her heart.*


*They set off for the estate, leaving behind the worries and uncertainties of the past few days. As they arrived, Khalid welcomed them warmly and assured them that they would find relief in their new surroundings.*


*But for now, their focus was on settling into the estate. They couldn't help but wonder what awaited them there.*


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