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FARHATAL QALB Complete Hausa Novel Document by FARHATAL QALB


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She moved gracefully along the street, clad in a space-themed uniform and wearing a white hijab. On her feet, she sported a single sandal, held together with meticulous thread stitching. Her legs were adorned with socks. Clutched in her hand was a small bag with a drawstring, and her eyes appeared glassy, hinting at a sense of sedation. Both her attire and her person were impeccably clean. Her neatly folded uniform bore witness to the fact that she was on her way back home.

As she traversed the quiet street, the tranquil atmosphere was suddenly disrupted by the sounds of barking dogs and chirping canaries. Gates lined the path, each guarded by vigilant sentinels who engaged in hushed conversations. Cars were parked by the doorways of the houses, surrounded by lush vegetation that rustled in the strong breeze.

Her large, bespectacled eyes landed on a signboard that read: "The Adams Family!!" Her gaze lingered only briefly, for she couldn't forget the dreadful incident involving the house guard and her friends one fateful Friday night.

Continuing onward, she joined a line near a creaking gate. It was a line reserved for the affluent, for those who possessed wealth. After a moment's contemplation, she decided to leave the line, exhaling a heavy sigh, and continued her journey homeward. Their neighborhood, in stark contrast, appeared impoverished. A massive heap of garbage dominated the roadside, a makeshift dump for the residents.

The neighborhood children played gleefully, amidst the backdrop of the neglected surroundings. She navigated through the lively scene until she reached a substantial house with a lengthy corridor. Available for rent, the house boasted five rooms, with all but one serving as living spaces. Two rooms were designated for house servants, and two bathrooms were communal. A small kitchen served as a cooking area where everyone gathered to prepare their meals. The house's cemented exterior seemed sturdy enough to withstand the test of time.

After a brief pause, she entered their home, leaving the lively neighborhood behind.

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