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FADAR BARCI Complete Hausa Novel Document by FADAR BARCI


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Added On: 10, Oct 2023

Author: Bukar Mada ,Yusuf Abdullahi A Jibaga ,

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In another town, there reigned a King and his Queen, and their kingdom was filled with many revelers and drunkards. Though the King and Queen possessed immense wealth, they found themselves in the latter years of their lives without the blessing of children, as age began to take its toll.

One day, the Queen ventured outside alone, wandering until she reached the banks of a serene stream. It was there that she noticed a small fish, struggling at the water's edge, gasping for life. Filled with compassion, the Queen reached down, gently taking the fragile fish into her hand and returning it to the water.

The fish, once back in its element, miraculously revived. Raising its head above the water's surface, it spoke to the Queen, saying, "I understand your sorrow, for you have helped me today. As a result of your kindness, you shall give birth to a daughter of unmatched beauty in the entire world. However, a miracle shall befall her."

With these cryptic words, the fish submerged once more into the depths of the water. Time passed, and the prophecy of the fish was fulfilled as the King and Queen were blessed with a daughter of unparalleled beauty. The news of her extraordinary loveliness quickly spread.

To celebrate their daughter's birth, the King extended invitations to great rulers from all corners of the world to come and offer their congratulations. Meanwhile, the Queen invited ten of the most esteemed sorcerers and magicians from their realm.

The gathering was a grand spectacle with the visiting monarchs donning their most splendid attire, and the witches donning their characteristic red hats and shoes, clutching white wands adorned with symbols of their craft. Following the festivities, the King graciously bestowed upon each visitor the gifts they desired, leaving a lasting memory of their time together.

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