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DUHUN INUWA Complete Hausa Novel Document by DUHUN INUWA


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Author: Nabeela Shehu Binji ,

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Every time a writer takes up the pen, it doesn't necessarily mean they're writing their own life or your life. Teachers often caution and emphasize the importance of writing about the right things. Similarly, a writer writes to inform, warn, or entertain through their work. If they describe beauty, it doesn't have to be a specific kind of beauty, because beauty takes many forms in the world. If they depict something less beautiful (since God did not create evil but rather a diverse world), it doesn't mean they're endorsing it. Writers can portray a wide range of characters and situations.

A writer's work can touch anyone, whether rich or poor, in a position of power or a commoner, living in the city or the countryside, educated or not. Their words can resonate with people from all walks of life. When you immerse yourself in a story, even just through your thoughts, you may find something relatable within it. This is why it's a mistake for readers to limit their expectations of what an author will write or say. If an author can't make their writing accessible to a wide audience, they may not have done their job effectively.

Remember that we're all created by God with different languages, genders, regions, colors, and religions. It's not necessary for writers to only write about what they know or see in their own lives. Many writers have penned stories that aren't necessarily based on their own experiences, and sometimes they don't explicitly state that. Therefore, I urge you to approach a book with an open mind. Consider it as the life of the person who wrote it, but not an exact reflection of their life. Look for the lessons and insights it offers, or simply enjoy it for the happiness it brings. Some things are written to enhance a story or entertain the reader and provide a temporary escape from life's unique challenges. I hope this message is clear and understood.

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