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DISASTROUS LOVE Complete Hausa Novel Document by DISASTROUS LOVE


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Author: Aisha Muhammad Maman Shakur ,

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She stood inside the computer shop, positioned right at the counter. Wrapped in a maroon hijab that clung to her form, she watched intently as the young man across the counter sat hunched over a computer system, diligently engrossed in his work. The way she gazed at him revealed her keen interest in whatever he was doing on the system.

Her large, expressive eyes were wide and seemed to fixate on him, as though she possessed the ability to discern every detail of his actions on the computer. The printer beside her churned out paper data, the sheets cascading like a waterfall, yet she remained undistracted, utterly engrossed in the electric world she was observing.

As the printer completed its task, she retrieved the paper, carried it to the counter, and meticulously laid out her WAEC result slip. With a warm smile, she extended it towards the young man and said, "Congratulations, Fatima Zarah, you've passed your WAEC with Kinada Credit. Six credits, an excellent achievement. I'm delighted for you. May God bless you," he spoke while presenting the paper to her.

Gratefully, she accepted the paper and scanned it, her eyes lighting up upon seeing the C grades in Mathematics, English, and other essential subjects that a science student would take. A sense of cool charm radiated from her, and she couldn't help but smile. Her dimples made an appearance, and her pearly white teeth shone brightly. Expressing her gratitude once more, she gave a nod and quickly exited the shop, happiness enveloping her like there was no tomorrow.

As she walked briskly, her smile remained firmly etched on her face. She thanked "Yaya Habu," the shop owner, and continued her journey until she reached her neighborhood. Here, children filled the streets, engaged in playful antics, shouting and laughing. She navigated her way through this lively scene until she arrived at a substantial house with an elongated corridor. The house, available for rent, boasted five rooms, each serving as a living space, except for her mother's room. Two rooms accommodated the house servants, and two bathrooms served as communal spaces for general use. A small kitchen was reserved for cooking, where everyone congregated to prepare their meals. The cemented exterior of the house offered a solid foundation, appearing as though one could step on it without fear of slipping.


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