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DAULA BIYU Complete Hausa Novel Document by DAULA BIYU


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The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, passed away in the year 632 on the eighth day of June. After his death, the companions engaged in discussions, leading to the succession of various leaders, including Sayyiduna Abubakar, Sayyiduna Umar, and Sayyiduna Usman. This marked the beginning of the Islamic government, which initially covered regions such as Jaziratul Arab, Medina, and Mecca. The reign of the Rashid caliphate followed, and later, the Umayyad empire emerged, encompassing vast territories, including Mecca, Medina, Damascus of Syria, Istanbul, Cordoba, Palestine, and parts of the Arabian Peninsula.

Subsequently, the Abbasid dynasty took charge, extending its rule across regions like Persia, Andalus, Hindu, Asia, Iraq, and parts of Africa, including Libya, Morocco, Algeria, and beyond the Blue Nile River. The Abbasid headquarters were in Baghdad, and their influential control was evident through the imposition of the jizyah tax on non-Muslims.

Parallel to the Abbasids, some Umayyad family members established the Arab Empire in Andalus, while others formed the Ottoman Empire in Istanbul, Turkey. The complex history saw the rise and fall of various dynasties, including the Samanid dynasty, leading to significant political changes and upheavals in the region.

During this period, the European influence became notable, introducing the concept of female rulers and heirs in the Arab Empire. The role of women in the succession line, as seen in various other cultures, became a topic of discussion and influence.

Throughout these events, the region witnessed the rise and fall of numerous leaders and dynasties, leading to societal and political shifts that would impact the region for generations to come.

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