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DAN MILLIONAIRE Complete Hausa Novel Document by DAN MILLIONAIRE


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Author: Yusrah Musa Abubakar ,

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DAN MILLIONAIRE Complete Document Written By Yusrah Musa Abubakar


It is a stunningly crafted house, gleaming with gold hues in the morning and adorned with glittering walls that captivate the eyes at night.

The extravagance of a single individual enjoying various facets of life, all controlled by a machine rather than a human.

Three young men, two exuding charm, beauty, and a striking resemblance to Arabs, sit with a woman who unmistakably appears to be the mother of their hearts.

The brightest soul among them, Al'ameen, faces tension as his mother expresses disapproval of his relationship with a girl named Abni. His gaze assures her that Abni is indispensable to him, evoking fear in her.

In anger, the mother stands up, expressing her concern for her child's choice. Another person sympathizes with Al'ameen, advising him to apologize to his mother. Al'ameen worries about the consequences of breaking a promise in Islam, seeking advice from a friend named Sadiq.

A little girl interrupts, pointing out a sauce spill on her dress caused by a boy. Amidst the chaos, Al'ameen decides to handle the situation and consoles the girl.

Later, Al'ameen and Sadiq leave to resolve the issue, while the mother watches from the window.

In her room, she vents her frustration about Al'ameen's choices and worries about the impact on his class. She advises her daughter, Afeeyah, to avoid conflict and await her father's return.

In the middle of the night, Afeeyah wakes up, prompting a conversation with her mother about breakfast and a spoiled shirt. The mother, seemingly displeased, decides to summon servants to attend to Afeeyah's needs.

The narrative shifts to a young woman waking up in bed, joined by her mother. They proceed to a dining hall attended by servants in uniform. The mother reprimands the servants for a perceived lack of food, and tensions rise.

As the story progresses, the mother reveals her dissatisfaction with her son Al'ameen's choice of a girl named Abni. She expresses concern about Abni's background and religion, fearing that Al'ameen's actions might bring misery to the family.

The mother's frustration builds, and she vents to her husband upon his return. The husband suggests finding Al'ameen and understanding the situation.

The mother, happy with the prospect of action, reveals her plan to confront Al'ameen and gather information about Abni in a church. The mention of money in the conversation surprises and amuses those involved.

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