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DAGA TAIMAKO Complete Hausa Novel Document by DAGA TAIMAKO


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I came across a young woman, Muhibba, sitting on a mat. She was meticulously washing her husband's clothes, and it was evident she was a dedicated married woman. Their humble abode consisted of two rooms, a kitchen, and a toilet. Muhibba's husband, Abdulmajeed, worked as a primary school teacher, and they lived a simple, godly life.

Upon entering her house, I couldn't help but be struck by the contrast between the smell and cleanliness of her home. She was in the middle of washing her husband's clothes when a knock on the door interrupted her. She inquired, "Who is it?" After more knocks and a response, she stood up and went to open the door.

What Muhibba found outside was a tall, strikingly pale woman, who appeared to be somewhat disoriented. This unexpected visitor was unlike anyone she had ever seen before. The tall woman had an otherworldly appearance, with unnaturally large eyes and towering height. Her features were red, from her face to her lips. With a hesitant smile, she explained, "I apologize for knocking. I'm in need of assistance."

Muhibba was initially taken aback and hesitant, as this encounter was genuinely unsettling. Trembling, she eventually invited the woman inside, saying, "Please come in."

The woman entered and stayed by the door. Muhibba appeared overwhelmed by fear and retreated towards the pool area. She mustered the courage to suggest, "Bismillah, there's water in the pool." She noticed the woman approaching her in an almost ethereal manner; it seemed as though she was gliding rather than walking. When Muhibba glanced out the window, there were no visible feet—just the long dress on the red floor.

Before she could react, the woman went into the bathroom and closed the door, prompting Muhibba to exclaim, "Inna ilahi rajiun." Fearing the unknown, Muhibba quickly left the house and stood by the door, watching the bathroom in anxious silence. The woman did not emerge, and fear caused Muhibba to close her eyes.

A voice broke the silence, saying, "God's gift, you are not finished yet." Muhibba remained silent, paralyzed by fear. She eventually fled to the neighboring house, which belonged to Suraiya, her respected neighbor.

Suraiya opened the door and questioned, "Muhibba, what's the matter with you?"

Muhibba, trembling, replied, "Please, quickly let me in." Suraiya noticed her distress and allowed her to enter.

Suraiya asked, "What's going on?"

Muhibba, still in a state of fear, shared her unsettling encounter, "Didn't you see the white woman who appeared like a fairy? She came to my house asking to urinate. She went to the bathroom and hasn't come out yet. She didn't seem human."

Suraiya's reaction was not what Muhibba expected. "Innalilah wa inna ilahi rajiun," Muhibba wailed and entered her room, trembling with fear.

Suraiya attempted to explain, "She's not human, she's from heaven."

Before she could finish her explanation, Muhibba grabbed Suraiya and burst into tears as she entered her room.

Desperation and fear gripped Muhibba as she feared the consequences of allowing this otherworldly visitor into her home. "She's still in the bathroom," Suraiya mentioned, as she covered herself with her hijab. "Let's go together. She's not a fairy; she's from heaven."

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