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CIWON SO Complete Hausa Novel Document by CIWON SO


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Two girls were getting ready for school. Meenat hurriedly picked up her clothes, but come morning, she didn't seem willing to get up. Meenat was clearly in a bad mood. Upon entering the class, no one dared to join her. Safiyya apologized, "Sis, I'll get up now, sorry." Waiting for her, Safiyya passed by the wardrobe with the red fabric. "Masha Allah, it's beautiful," she thought.

The twins greeted their parents Umma and Abba as they found them at the dining table, about to break their fast. "Good morning Umma, morning Abba," they chorused. Umma and Abba replied in unison, assuring the twins that they were fine. They quickly took their seats and began their meal, before heading to Muntafi school. Upon their return, they chatted about their day.

The next morning, Safiyya requested, "Please, my sis, drive to school, I don't want her to wear my clothes." Meenat replied, "Chabb!! But we were late and I was watching you this morning."

In the classroom, the atmosphere was tense as the students greeted their teacher. When the Yoruba test was announced, everyone was taken aback. Thirty minutes later, everyone finished the test. Throughout the morning, Safiyya glanced at Meenat, who seemed preoccupied with her thoughts. She raised her hand to ask a question, but Dr. Ahmed's response was abrupt, "Get out." Safiyya calmly left the classroom.

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