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CIKI DA GASKIYA Part 2 Complete Hausa Novel Document by CIKI DA GASKIYA Part 2


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Fadeela, who was standing behind Aysha, asked, "Gwaggo! Are you alright? What happened to your windows, mom?"

Every evening, she would ask the same question.

As soon as Gwaggo bintu exhaled, and before she could say anything to Fadeelah, Aysha abruptly fell silent. A loud slap, as if a phone had been forcefully set down, echoed in the room. Aysha found herself reaching for the phone, plucking it from its place to inspect it.

The message read: "Don't do anything that would reveal your relationship with your sister and harm you. It's like destroying our work. Be careful. If you want to maintain the appearance of normalcy with her for the sake of your sister, don't act."

Aysha repeated the message in surprise, wondering who had sent it.

The elderly woman's voice trembled as she spoke to Aysha, "Who are you really? Why have you returned to us?" She broke down in tears.

Aysha rushed to embrace her, opening her eyes and clapping her hands as she whispered something in her ear. "May ALLAH redirect your cruelty towards me and make me a good person to study."

Fadeelah and others tried to intervene, explaining that they didn't know what was going on. Fadeelah gently pulled Aysha away and apologized.

The elderly woman's blackened body didn't die, and Aysha's words seemed to have an impact. (Aysha had earlier said, "I don't want to deal with the rabbit, I won't do it ????"). Aysha came and sat beside the elderly woman, Bishirah, who looked at her with joy. They held hands, and Aysha was asked why she hadn't changed.

Aysha laughed, "Why did you change my name? You're a wonderful friend, and you're about to get married."

"In two months," Bishirah replied. "May God bless you."

"Ameen," Fadeelah responded.

They had been at the hospital for a while, but Bishirah's condition hadn't improved. Dana Sani's regret weighed heavily on Aysha's heart. She had betrayed her relative's daughter, and now her own daughter was suffering. Throughout her time in the hospital, not a single drop of Hajja's blood had been donated. When Aysha looked at her, she appeared frail.

Aysha pulled Bishirah aside, and they sat down.

"Bishirah, what happened to me after you left?"

Bishirah, unaware of Aysha's recent experiences, began to cry. She asked about Alhaji's marriage, the eight tidings, Aysha's arguments, her son's arrival in Lagos, and her return. She also inquired about the pilgrim's bride, Bishirah's mother.

"Do you want to know my secret story, Bishirah?" Aysha asked.

Bishirah replied, "Yes."

"Since you've helped me and the Son of GOD has taken my secret, I will seek revenge on Hajaya and her associates. However, that won't happen because I have some secrets of my own."

"Aysha, who can help me change my name?"

"Lean closer."

Aysha began sharing some good news.

Meanwhile, Fadeelah, who was approaching them, stood up and laughed.

Aysha asked, "I'm sorry, what did you say congratulations for?"

Fadeelah didn't understand and turned to look behind her.

But when they returned to the room, they didn't bid farewell. Dana and others were saying goodbye that night.


When the call came, Barau Modibbo, the eldest son, panicked upon seeing the security forces. He tried to flee but was shot in the leg by Joseph. Khalil, who was lying nearby, also attempted to escape and was shot in the hand.

Khalil quickly rolled to the side, seeking cover, while keeping an eye on the situation. Harbin had snatched Modibbo, who was bleeding profusely, and had barricaded himself inside a room, though he didn't enter due to his bulletproof vest.

Barau Modibbo, on the other hand, quickly headed for another room. In the midst of chaos, the workers remained hidden behind Harbin, even though Karen's hand was injured, and blood was starting to stain his shirt yellow.

Their search for Barau Modibbo's whereabouts proved fruitless. They scoured the house, but there was no sign of him.

Desperate, they knocked on the door of the Tabaya house, but it was locked due to the day's events. Khalil opened the door and, with bloodshot eyes, spotted Waldrop on the other side. While still staring at the door, he said, "Taheer is running here..."

Awahalce was talking, but blood loss had caused him to lose consciousness.

Both of them rushed out. Some of them exited the room where the door had been knocked.

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