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BOƊƊI Complete Hausa Novel Document by BOƊƊI


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BOƊƊI Complete Document Written By Zainab Z B M


In the village of Genle Sanyi, located in Mayobelwa town, Adamawa State, Yola, a refreshing morning unfolded, illuminating every soul with its bright smile. On this auspicious morning, the residents of Genle town celebrated the union of Amenatu and her groom, Abubakar. May God bless this marriage, bringing joy to every home, leaving no room for sadness or bystanders.

However, the joyous atmosphere took a sudden turn when Furera rushed into the house, tears streaming down her face as if she had experienced a violent attack. Overwhelmed with emotion, Furera cried out, "I don't know what's going on in town." Despite attempts to console her, things took a darker turn as she whispered something to Inna, causing laughter and applause among those present.

As night fell, following a ritual, the newlywed bride, Amenatu, was escorted to her new home, where her aunts offered advice. Throughout the ordeal, Amenatu remained silent, not uttering a word.

In a different setting, a young girl with an Arab face descended from the sky, exuding joy. She greeted everyone, referring to herself as *ummu*, and as she prepared the people sitting on the floor, they were all Mike. A bystander remarked that she had been followed since they were in the neighborhood. They proceeded to Kano airport, and within ten minutes, they reached *Ummu*.

The narrative then shifted to the introduction of a white Arab named *Sayyid*, also known as *maleek Ibrahim*, the brother of *Ummu*. Bintu warmly welcomed Sayyid, and they exchanged pleasantries before heading home for Sayyid to rest.

The story transitions to the continuation of life, with the source of the narrative being traced back to Mlm Sunusi, the father of Abubakar's first two wives. It details the family dynamics and the complexities surrounding the marriages, especially concerning Furera and Innah's reactions to Abubakar's marriage to Amenatu.

Two months into their marriage, Amenatu became pregnant with twins, bringing happiness to Abubakar and the entire family. The birth of the twins, particularly the girl named *Hawa Kulu BODDĐI*, brought immense joy. Ameenatu lovingly raised the girl, known as BODYDI, while Abubakar engaged in business in Galino.

The story concludes with the arrival of Sayyid at home, where he was warmly received, and preparations for prayer were made. The narrative hints at the ongoing challenges in the family but emphasizes a sense of resilience and determination to face them slowly.

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