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BARIKI NA FITO Part 1 Complete Hausa Novel Document by BARIKI NA FITO Part 1


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Author: Maryam Alhassan Dan Iya (Maryam Obam) ,

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BARIKI NA FITO Part 1 Complete Document Written By Maryam OBAM



In the vibrant town of Kaduna, where diverse ethnic groups coexist, a girl stood at a shop's entrance wearing three-quarter pants and a top, her head adorned with brown and black attachments. Addressing the shop owner, she casually requested, "Garba, give me a pack of cigarettes." Inquiring about the type, she playfully mentioned she's the one who drinks the petrol. Chuckling, Garba handed her the cigarettes, and she promptly paid.

Seated next to Garba, a man remarked about the world's troubles. Garba, curious, asked for clarification. The man expressed concern over a young girl, not more than ten years old, losing her life. Garba agreed, lamenting the deteriorating state of the world. The man added, "God has prepared a seed for us." Garba responded with a sincere "Ameen."

As the girl walked away, casually shaking her cigarette pack, she overheard a conversation and retorted, "Go away, he's here. I won't follow him." Laurat, a barracks girl, joined in the laughter. Another boy approached, identifying the girl as an "aruwa" (a beautiful lady). Laurat playfully engaged in banter, emphasizing the boy's supposed magical ability with money. The situation lightened with laughter and playful teasing.

Later, Barika, a woman, emerged and called out to Hajiyata Kema, addressing her with respect. Barika informed her about a waiting driver, Alh Madu. The banter continued as Barika shared details about Mai's romantic entanglements. Barika then mentioned hearing about a house where an independent woman, the heiress, resides with her three sons, Habib, Jamil, and Hjy. The sons' romantic pursuits seemed to have created quite a buzz.

Barika, after bathing, received a visitor's knock. Dressed in a towel, she approached the door and engaged in a conversation with a man seeking blessings. The man explained he was sent by a friend to meet a beautiful girl. Barika, initially skeptical, agreed to get ready and introduced herself as a servant. As she prepared, Laurat's son waited, revealing details about the girl's provocative attire. Eventually, the two set off to meet the man.

Upon entering the man's room, they were greeted by Habib. After exchanging pleasantries and receiving payment, the man praised Habib. Laurat, chewing gum, displayed her confidence. The man, named Salis, revealed he was a member of the federal parliament. Laurat, undeterred, proceeded to undress, and the scene unfolded into intimate moments between them.


In the luxurious setting of a decorated room, a man lay in bed, having spent millions on its furnishings. Despite the comfort, he was restless, sweating, and fearful. His dreams were haunted by a girl whom he longed to meet. In his dreams, she beckoned him to rescue her from her confinement.

Upon waking, he realized he had never seen her face in his dreams, adding to the mystery. Intrigued and captivated, he pondered the identity of the girl who occupied his thoughts, prompting him to embark on a journey to uncover the truth.

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