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BAKIN KISHI Complete Hausa Novel Document by BAKIN KISHI


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Added On: 02, Sep 2023

Author: Muhammad Lawal Barrister ,

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She lowered her head quickly, placing her hands on her lap and closed her eyes. "God, are you truly Alhaji?" She asked in a shy voice. "God, I am really Zainab... I am your only solace and peace right now. Do you think I can have a good life without you? Do you believe in my love for you?" She quickly shook her head. "By God, it's not like that, Alhaji," she spoke quickly, continuing to shake her head. "By Allah, Alhaji, I know you love me, and I accept your love for me. As I always tell you, there's only one thing I fear about your marriage..."

"Stop, Zainab," he interrupted her, waving his hand. "I don't love you at all. You should be content with what I've told you. Please release your heart from this burden."

"Forget this... can anyone thwart God's will? Or if God has decreed that you are my wife in this world, can anyone challenge Him? This didn't happen on its own," he said in a subdued voice. "Please, take a broom and sweep this from your mind... everything is in the hands of God."

"Is that so," Zainab said thoughtfully, "May God help us. He has chosen what's best for us."

"Amen," Alhaji responded briefly, adding, "But your prayer isn't complete."

She raised her head, a questioning look on her face. "What's missing in my prayer?" she inquired.

"If you pay the price, I'll tell you," Alhaji said.

"How much do you want to be paid?" she asked playfully.

He pointed at her with his little finger, teasingly. "My Zainab wants to pay me."

She laughed, bowing her head in amusement. He joined in her laughter. "Well, that's it... right, Zainab? My dream is now a reality, and that's what I've been paid for. You forgot to include in your prayer that God should increase our love and affection for each other."

She couldn't raise her head and looked at him shyly. "This prayer is one that I offer every day, whether lying down, sitting, standing, or walking. There's nothing beyond this prayer," she admitted.

He appreciated her words, and a smile played on his lips before he said, "Thank you very much, Zainab. Let me reassure your heart by telling you that I feel the same way, every day, every moment. Whenever you're with me, my heart dances. My greatest hope is that God confirms our good decision. Tomorrow, you'll truly be mine, not just in words."

"Amen," she replied in her heart, her happiness evident in her smile. "In fact, I'm very happy."

"Hey, I heard you kept quiet and didn't say anything?" he remarked, giving her a playful look.

"I said it in my heart," she confessed.

"Now, what do you want to do?" he asked.

"I want Zainab to raise her head, look at me, and answer me with 'Amen,'" he said, his eyes fixed on her.

She looked up at him and then quickly turned her head away, saying, "I can't look at you."

"So, what do you want to do?" he asked, teasingly.

"Forgive me for saying that," she said shyly.

He smiled, "You're forgiven. Fight it."

"Amen," she said softly.

"Amin what?" he inquired, turning back the clock.

"Amen, may God make us love each other even more," she said boldly.

"Who are you?" She shook her head quickly.

They burst out laughing at the same time.


Alhaji Basiru smiled for the first time since the thirty minutes he had spent talking to his assistant, Hajiya Rukayya. "You don't understand me, Hajiya... By God, in this matter, I don't intend to insult or mock you, not even in jest..."

"You have to admit it," she interrupted with a trembling voice. "You have to say that I don't understand you, Alhaji... how can you be understood? I understand, but this is too much."

It had been almost two months since Alhaji Basiru had started facing this problem with his wife. But he didn't know the reason for this change. For at least three years, they had lived in harmony and peace, even with the addition of their two younger twin brothers. But ever since he had suggested the idea of a second marriage, peace had eluded them.

Alhaji Basiru sighed after some brief contemplation. His efforts had been consistent, as they were every time they had discussions like this. He was trying to convince her to accept the legitimacy of his second marriage. He started calling her name in a calm voice, but she didn't even raise her head to look at him, let alone respond. That didn't deter him. He continued, "I never thought you would oppose this matter that I brought to you, especially considering that it was Islam that granted me this permission. And you know, in the eyes of our Creator, Islam is the one true religion. Let us not forget that Allah Almighty says in the Holy Qur'an, 'Marry those who are single among you and the righteous among your servants and maidservants.' Don't forget that Allah's plan is beyond our understanding. Please don't persist in this, my dear wife."


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