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BAHIJJAH Complete Hausa Novel Document by BAHIJJAH


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She abruptly awoke when water dripped onto her head, causing her to startle. Her eyes widened as she quickly sat up. But Shegiya didn't have a chance to get up before a slave girl, Koni, offered to fetch water for her.

"Would you like me to go to the river to fetch you some water?" Koni asked kindly. Shegiya nodded in agreement, grateful for the offer.

As Koni made her way to the buta (water source) with the intention of performing ablution, she noticed that all the women were avoiding the water. They seemed to have a collective agreement that no one should touch the water until they went to the stream to fetch it.

Koni picked up the jar, determined to keep it, and declared that if anyone dared to let it go, she would retrieve it in the afterlife. She was resolute and showed no fear. She believed that if the jar was left unattended, it would be stolen and that the thief would be happy, appearing as though possessed by a demon.

With the jar in hand, she got up, took it, and walked out of the house. Even when she ventured out for prayers, she didn't have much time, as the weather was extremely cold. She would still hear the sound of people knocking on the door, begging to use the water.

Murtala, a young man from the household, extended his hand to take the jar from Koni. He informed her that he would accompany her to fetch water, emphasizing its importance and the rewards it carried.

Koni, however, hesitated, stating that she needed to perform the Subah (morning) prayer, as it held great significance. Murtala smiled and assured her that it was alright. He remarked that he had visited the mosque of Teacher Atiku the previous day and saw her there, a woman who was not suitable for him to marry. He stared into her eyes and offered to help her wash her scarf and wipe away her tears. Koni admitted that she had been through a lot of pain lately, always wearing the expression of suffering. Murtala apologized for his earlier actions and suggested that whatever began would eventually come to an end. He urged her not to wait too long to return and added that she should hurry to pray before the sun rose.

As they embarked on their journey to the stream, Koni told Murtala to bring the jar so she could fill it quickly. She performed ablution and removed her clothes, then began her prayer. After completing her prayer, she folded her clothes and placed them inside the jar.

On their way back home, Murtala carried the jar, while Koni advised him not to forget to join in the morning prayer at the mosque. She reassured him that Gwaggo would not harm him for taking a few moments to accompany her to the stream. She hoped that Maigari would also understand the situation, as she had much to accomplish.

With these words, Koni gazed at Murtala with her large, expressive eyes and said that Gwaggo might harm him if he left her alone. Murtala agreed and thanked her, understanding the gravity of the situation.

Koni had tears in her eyes as she listened to Murtala's words. She wished that when her ordeal was over, he would comprehend her struggles. Hearing his words, she remembered her father's actions and the torment she had endured. However, she believed that when her suffering ended, he would learn the truth.

Murtala, being aware of Koni's pain, tried to console her by assuring her that things would change once the ordeal was over. She had faith that her suffering would come to an end, and she continued to pray for that day to arrive.


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