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BABBAN KUSKURE Complete Hausa Novel Document by BABBAN KUSKURE


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Author: Rasheeda A Kardam ,

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In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. All thanks, praise, holiness, and power belong to the Lord of the heavens and the earth. I embark on writing this book with the guidance and strength granted to me by Allah. It is my hope that through this work, I can convey a message of value and that those who read it will find enjoyment and benefit from its contents. May it be a source of goodness. Amen.

On the scene, we encounter a striking and robust young man named Haidar, clad in his police uniform. The deep blue fabric and black trousers seem tailor-made for his physique, accentuating his chiseled body. As we observe him, it becomes apparent that even the uniform itself appears to be tailored for his frame. Haidar stands tall, his complexion fair, his chest broad, and his nose elegantly slender, akin to a sharpened pencil. His lips are modest, while his eyes, with a hint of confusion in their depths, carry a seductive charm. Haidar's age appears to hover around 37, making him an arresting figure.

He moves with an unhurried gait, and in the midst of this scene, a woman's voice cries out, calling, "Indo! Indo!" However, Indo remains oblivious to the summons as she diligently carries out her tasks. Unaware of the impending collision, she and Haidar accidentally meet, resulting in an unintentional dance of bodies. A healthy slap follows as Indo's body jerks from the impact. She instinctively flees, a pang of fear gripping her. Inwardly, Haidar grumbles, "I detest you, Indo, but fate dictates our meeting."

Indo's retreat takes her into the room where she finds herself face-to-face with a woman who is likely the homeowner. With a calm yet commanding tone, the woman speaks, "You must be Indo." The finger of authority points towards Haidar's hat. "Take this to him. He's not in. I won't tolerate any excuses," she declares with an air of authority.

Fear coursing through her, Indo gingerly retrieves the hat and exits the room. As she walks back into the living room, the hat is unexpectedly thrown at her, and her stomach knots with anxiety. She knows all too well that she is to avoid Haidar's presence at all costs, for he is known for his unyielding demeanor and reluctance to have anything to do with her. Their relationship remains shrouded in secrecy, a situation Indo can only view with regret.

Haidar, meanwhile, simmers in anger as he reflects on the situation.

If you'd like more of the story rewritten or have specific requests, please let me know.

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