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BA NI BA AURAN TALAKA Complete Hausa Novel Document by BA NI BA AURAN TALAKA


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She sat on a low stool, washing herself meticulously, clearing her mouth with water, and cleansing her face. Umma rested on the mat, clearly struggling. After breakfast, Hafsat approached, remarking, "Umma really ought to tidy up these rooms; it's rather embarrassing." Umma rolled her eyes and retorted, "They have their secrets, and you act as if you can't speak the truth when you confront them. I'll tell you what, Daria." Hafsat stood up, clapping her hands, and exclaimed, "Umma, you should check our school to see if anyone is absent. Who am I? Take initiative and create something to talk about." Hafsat fell silent and began doing the dishes. When she finished, she decided to follow Umma to her room, where she found her with her phone, engrossed in her WhatsApp messages. As she read through them, one by one, she noticed something significant.

"The officer spotted Lawan waiting at the door of the house for your arrival," Hafsat informed Umma, quickly getting her attention. "Lawan told me that there's something urgent he needs to tell you. Umma, I understand the challenges Lawan faces, and he may never achieve his dreams. But I am determined to succeed where Lawan might not. Our upcoming trip to Jeddah will reveal the truth, Umma. By the way, is she pregnant?" Their conversation was interrupted as Jidda and the others entered the room.

"Oh, my girls, where are you headed?" Jidda inquired, and Hafsat added, "Do you want to inform us about Amina, the wealthy girl from our department?" Kubra chimed in, "This is no time for jokes. Let me show you the lace fabrics we've selected." She began snapping pictures of the lace fabrics. "We have options in two colors: yellow, cream, black, and pineapple. Some brides opt for yellow or cream, while others go for black." They gathered on Hafsat's mattress, carefully selecting their preferred lace fabrics. Hafsat remarked, "I think I'll go with cream and black lace this time." Kubra agreed, "I'm leaning toward that choice as well." Jidda added, "I'm not sure about yellow, but I didn't manage to inquire about the price. Spread the word; we've expressed our preferences."

With a playful tone, they discussed their selections, and Hafsat said, "We've expressed our gratitude a thousand times already. Love you all." Their conversation continued as they discussed various matters.

Jidda then shared her concern, "You know what I've observed? My friend Nuhu from our department seems interested in Amina because he sees the struggles of older children, especially at Hafkhas. How are our schoolgirls coping with it? What should we do about it? The party is only three days away." Hafkhas spoke up, "I'm willing to contribute two thousand towards it. Let's not forget; it's crucial for our reputation as grown men. I'll do my best to raise the funds, God willing." Kubra sighed and said, "I'll also try to gather money from the young men we know. Their pockets are deep. I heard one of them say, 'Even if I don't have a son-in-law, I'll contribute. Musa has already given me money for it, disaster or not.'" They discussed their plans for the upcoming event and their efforts to collect funds.

The conversation turned to their plans after the holiday. They pondered if it was time to part ways or if they would continue together. Amidst laughter, they teased Hafkhas about his wisdom and inability to make their celebration less daunting.


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