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BA DAI KAFI SONTA BA Complete Hausa Novel Document by BA DAI KAFI SONTA BA


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Author: Hauwa Saleh ,Ayusher Iliyasu ,

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I am telling my family members that This story does not mean the abuse of anyone, that's all All other names are used in different situations That's it, everyone who sees it likes it and takes care of it akaiba Page 1 of 10 She was crying as if her soul was going to go out to the side of the road their neighborhood, just a walk away zataba, tanabin on the side of the road, a man parked He came out in front of her with his car She stopped me with the way she was going this night? Why are you crying? What's up there? from home at this time? Itadai did not answer the questions she tried to continue her journey, but he got angry and hit her she screamed and she was shocked and cried loudly She said that it was the members of my family who chased me and said that I was nabar to their house, the man said, "I'm here now." lion? She replied that I don't know where I am, thank God Inna ilaihiraji'una is what the man uttered that men get into the car, you go in and sell it He had to suffer before he could overcome it because he was afraid of things He went and went, then they got up and left. A home lake They entered the window, and he ordered her to sit on the back. they are entering the hall of the house, there is no one inside, that he d The girl sits here, I'm coming, directly from inside the rooms surrounding the palon y enter, enter it b After a long time, he came out to a woman who dressed him, he was very angry They sat on the chairs in the living room until the end the girl did not stop crying, it was the man who fixed it voice and said, "Hey, the girl, I've seen her now." she was walking on the street, she was crying so much attract me to her and stay in the meyasameta area, here The man drew his penis all over the girl until she agreed to biyoshi, Hajiya sympathized with the girl, and he said that there is no need to spend the night in the morning including the members of the family, the presence of oil obeying and agreeing with her husband is why she did not marry him As for him, thank God, he said that he was ready to stand up go to the room. Food and water go into the kitchen bring the girl but she is confused because she is not pregnant She was conscious, she was very nervous, she was walking and she said takoshi, hk hjy was ready to cook the food in the kitchen, he ordered her data biota, a small room, some children lying on top of others The bed was folded up, one of them got up and she said g You are not here, because the girl said that mom is coming bccnta, then hjy said she went to bed and went to bed in fear She was terrified and went to bed. Hajiya enters the room and finds that Her husband got ready and went to bed, the bed was finished she sat down and said, "Oh, this girl is giving me money." compassion from seeing her in tension, far away Alhjin said, "Wllh hjy, I myself did not know where you are." pity b a little girl who lost her luck on Tuesday (11:00 p.m.) no where to go Wnn, what kind of disaster is it? Heartbroken, she said wllh Well, God will help you tomorrow, what will happen to her, amen he said and they got ready for bed. Tinda hjy t turn tobacco In the girl's room, she continued to cry The thief couldn't take her that night because of the trouble The situation she will find herself in is likely to be here They should also evict the house. She got up and sat down while continuing d thinking that her life is going to end, she moved away happiness d pleasure in her life is in trouble d the suffering will end until it reaches its master, the children Hajiya, while their minds were lying down, she was right it's in ckn wnn condition. She was lying down crying d The tears stopped making a sound The crying stopped appearing until the morning prayer was called She closed her eyes and couldn't sleep, so she went to the room She wakes them up to pray the morning prayer in the house They prayed the morning prayer in the morning, and they performed ablution together Before the prayer, the Qur'an was memorized their studies n islmyy. They finished and entered the bath since there is school on Friday, they are ready put on their uniforms and went to the palo dan gaida their parents after having breakfast, they greeted their parents then they ate breakfast and went to the lobby of the house The driver took them to school. And she is not waiting for her Idar D's prayer took her to sleep, seeing how quiet she was She didn't come out much, so I went to the room, I found her She was sleeping, she turned around and lost her phone data the room. They are sitting in the dining room and having breakfast in Alhjin tmbyr hjy I am a stranger, let him know she is sleeping d It seems she didn't sleep last night, Alhjin said, so what? She got up and went back to the market and talked about it, she said, God bless you When he came back to Lpy, he straightened up and said that I will go and take care of d The girl didn't want to leave, so she answered him and asked him pray for return lpy.

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