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BA BUDURWA BA CE Complete Hausa Novel Document by BA BUDURWA BA CE


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When the rain fell, the city turned chilly. The once vibrant green grass seemed to lose its luster, much like the joy that had now faded away. Salma lay on her mat, but it was no longer as comfortable as it used to be. Tayafa and her son huddled together, trying to keep warm as they endured the cold.

Salma's mother hesitated to step out and peek into Salma's room. She was sleeping peacefully, unaware of the weather's sudden change. With a sense of urgency, her mother fetched cold water to wake her daughter.

Salma jolted awake, shivering from the sudden cold. She felt like she was dancing to a tune only she could hear. An aunt with a kind heart handed her a warm blanket, advising her to lie down and get some rest.

"Shameless girl, go back to sleep," the aunt scolded gently. "You can come out when you're feeling better."

Innah, another family member, entered the room and brought a pile of laundry to cover Salma. She looked at Salma in concern and asked, "Where's your father?"

The new Salma was accustomed to her mother's hardships. She grabbed a bucket and headed outside to fetch water for washing. As she worked, she overheard the servants gossiping about her, wondering if she was pregnant due to her late-night activities.

Salma bid them goodbye, and as she returned, Samira, one of the servants, confronted her. "What were you up to last night?" Samira asked angrily.

Salma hesitated but finally replied, "If your mother knew what you were doing..."

The conversation escalated as Mari, another servant, watched from a nearby window. Samira eventually said, "It's your choice. Get up, and let's go."

Salma grabbed some underwear and replied, "I'll wear these in the morning."

They glanced up, and their mother asked, "What are you two discussing?"

Salma continued to cry as she completed her laundry, feeling the weight of her worries slowly diminishing.

In the morning, she hurriedly prayed, hoping her mother wouldn't hear her. She then fetched a jar of water and headed outside.

"Is Salma's task done?" someone asked. Salma replied, "Yes, please, I'm almost done."

The house remained closed as she refused to return to Kikigaba and Imusu's worship. She couldn't bear the thought of her people fighting against their deities. She focused on her tasks instead, showing gratitude in her own way.

Salma ventured out and didn't return until eight jars later. As she was entering, she heard her father's voice. Gwoggo Lantana, her father's name, was scolding her, asking why she washed and fetched water outside the house.

Inatajiranta joined Salma and introduced her to a new behavior, spending the night outside. Saiga Zainabu came out and asked her mother about her food. Her mother assured her that it was being prepared.

Zainabu, impatient, demanded that Salma prepare her meal, insisting that she should leave her work. Salma hurried to the kitchen and began working diligently, trying to catch up with the demands of her family.

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