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AURE KAN AURE Complete Hausa Novel Document by AURE KAN AURE


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Author: Fatima Usaini El-Ladan ,

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AURE KAN AURE Complete Document Written By Fatima Usaini El-Ladan


The knock on the door echoed with anticipation, the allure of beauty not far behind. Tilastama Hajia Nafisa emerged from the house, fueled by envy. The house reflected the industriousness of a father's work, and she, seemingly exhausted, shuffled towards the door with a hint of impatience.

On reaching the door, she urged for patience, uttering words of delay. As she finally swung open the door, her gaze towards Uku Kopo seemed distant, as if she beheld someone else. The long-distance had worn her out, resembling a wearied villager returning from a laborious day.

Despite Uku Kopo's persistent knocking for over thirty minutes, the door remained shut. Undeterred, he insisted on confronting those within. She reluctantly permitted his entry, cautioning him not to consider himself a family member, emphasizing that entering a relative's house did not grant them the right to sit on her chair.

Entering the hall, a struggle ensued over seating, with her reprimanding them. She made it clear that they lacked the permission to occupy her chair. Frustration lingered as she sat on the couch, aware that the magical touch had been lost since the departure of Nina. She proclaimed herself the only brother, dismissing the husband's family. Her authority asserted itself as she berated them, cautioning against disturbing the peace of her home.

As evening fell, Saidai's absence triggered concern, with Uku Kopo pacing before the young woman's house. Night brought the display of Zube's names, signaling a call to prayer. However, when the women attempted to talk, Hajia prevented them from residing there, obstructing the Isha prayer for Waddah's little daughter.

The narrative continued with the group's departure, leaving behind a saddened atmosphere. The old woman, Goggo, contemplated their options and suggested leaving to avoid being caught in the rain. Despite the challenging circumstances, she expressed hope that God would provide a solution.

Back in his house, Uku Kopo, entering with a glance at his relatives, quickly acknowledged their presence and questioned their sudden arrival. His daughter kneeled down to greet him, and the atmosphere was tense. The conversation shifted to the purpose of their visit, with Uku Kopo expressing frustration and inquiring about the payment for the house.

The strangers explained their predicament, stating that they had not found a place to pay for the house. The daughter, seemingly suffering from a foot ailment, had endured hardships. Frustrated, Uku Kopo advised patience, emphasizing the need for endurance and hard work. He assigned them tasks and ordered that they not leave until the work was done. He also instructed his daughter to provide them with food and drinks, warning against letting them go hungry.

The scene concluded with Uku Kopo leaving the house and heading towards his aunt's residence in Amman Palace. The complexities of familial relationships and the challenges faced by the characters continued to unfold, setting the stage for further developments.

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