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ASHE KISHIYA TACE Complete Hausa Novel Document by ASHE KISHIYA TACE


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"Sadeeq, don't believe that my heart is upset about the issues..."
"do it, Mom."

When Sadeeq's mother arrived, she went into her room with her belongings. She stretched and ran her hand through her hair before heading out.

Sadiq Ajmad is his original name, and he's a professional doctor. His family is not wealthy, but they are grateful for God's blessings. They hail from the town of Katsina, where they currently reside. Sadeeq is a handsome young man.

From the beginning, Sadeeq's mother had been praying for her son to find a beautiful wife. She believed that since he was handsome, his wife should also come from a respectable family, as good people are not necessarily wealthy.

In Sadeeq's office, he was wearing a lab coat and sitting in deep thought when his friend Hydar entered. Hydar greeted him, but Sadeeq remained silent, lost in his thoughts.

Hydar shook his head and approached him, giving him a light slap on the face to snap him out of it.

"Mtsuwabbaba, Hydar, meye hk?" (What's wrong with you, Hydar, my friend?)

Sadeeq apologized, saying he didn't know what was going on. Hydar asked why he seemed bothered.

"Why are you troubled by someone else's family issues?"

Sadeeq explained, "Why, the root of the problem is not unrelated to my mother. She wants me to marry her friend's daughter."

Hydar was puzzled and asked about Husna's conversation. Sadeeq responded, "Husna is just a pawn in this."

Hydar tried to understand, "Then why are you caught up in this conflict?"

Sadeeq sighed, "Hydar, I'm stuck in the middle of it."

Hydar urged him, "Please, treat it like any other matter."

Sadeeq continued to ponder his thoughts.

Three days later, Sadeeq's mother asked if he had met with Husna.

"No, Mom, I haven't gone to Nadao yet."

His mother remained silent, seemingly unaware of the situation. She prayed for his safe return, and he responded with an "Ameen" before excusing himself to his room.

In the morning, Sadeeq was on his way to Bahuna Village in his car. The road conditions were challenging, especially during the rainy season.

Upon arrival, he greeted the villagers who were sitting outside their homes. Some girls approached and started chatting, noticing a handsome stranger.

As they conversed, they speculated about Sadeeq's marital status, and Alawiyyah suggested that he should get married soon.

Sadeeq smiled at their remarks and continued to enjoy the village atmosphere. He didn't mind the slow-paced life in his hometown.

At night, he had a conversation with a friend named Iro. They discussed Sadeeq's upcoming plans, and Iro offered his assistance.

After their conversation, Sadeeq observed some young couples talking, and he couldn't help but think about Husna.

The next morning, he went for a walk, took some pictures, and enjoyed the serene village life.

As noon approached, Sadeeq bid farewell to the villagers, who were grateful for his assistance and kindness.

Upon returning home, he found his mother talking on the phone, discussing a wedding invitation. She informed him that she was attending a friend's daughter's wedding.

Sadeeq inquired about the event's host, and his mother replied that it was their neighbor's family. She shared the good news that they were going to arrange his marriage.

"Mama, whose wedding is it?"

She chuckled, "It's just your nonsense. Rest now; go see your aunt and find out what she needs."

Sadeeq headed to his aunt's room as his mother had instructed, and she greeted him warmly.

"Ahhh, Sadeeq, when did you arrive?"

"Why did you come here, Mom? Aunt, what's going on?"

"Ummi went to distribute wedding invitations, and she invited me."

"Mama, whose wedding is it?"

"It's just some family's wedding. Sadeeq, you don't know what I'm talking about?"

"I've heard you, Mom. God willing."

"God bless you."

Sadeeq responded with "Ameen" and left the room to have some eggs.


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