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The weather in Kano today is pleasant, with a cool breeze in the aftermath of a recent accident. People are going about their activities happily and comfortably.

In the Hausawa area, a white car pulled up in front of a beautiful house. The driver honked twice, and the gatekeeper opened the gate to let them in.

Two young men who appeared to be brothers stepped out of the car. One of them was older and was holding a two-year-old child. From the back of the car, a woman emerged, accompanied by a young girl who looked to be around fifteen or sixteen years old. Several other girls and boys also exited the car.

The young woman, named Amatullah, hurried into the house, ignoring the pleas of one of the men who offered to help with their belongings. She seemed eager to enter her home.

Inside the house, the older man commented to his companion, "Amatullah seems so excited to be here; I don't think she even heard what I said."

He smiled and added, "Leave her be, Yaya. I'll go inside and find her."

The two men retrieved their luggage from the car, with the older man handling the larger bags and Amatullah taking care of the smaller ones. They then made their way into the house.

Amatullah rushed to greet an elderly woman sitting in the living room and exclaimed, "I've missed you, Hajiya!"

Playfully, Hajiya pretended to push her away and replied, "Why are you trying to fool me and make my grandchildren better? I'm too old to get up from my chair."

Amatullah stood up and said, "It's been a whole month since I sat on your lap. Let me enjoy it."

Hajiya didn't protest further due to the guests' arrival.

Haidar, one of the newcomers, scolded Amatullah, telling her to get off Hajiya's lap. He jokingly said, "Don't smother her; the mother of those who love the comfort of a body has nothing left but to live in people's bodies."

Zum6aro was speechless, while Hajiya humorously replied, "Well, what's wrong with you? Did you lose your height or something?"

Uncle Bashir, who was sitting nearby, joined in the laughter, saying, "Haidar, you're the one with the problem. You don't see that there's nothing going on between Hajiya and Amatullah. Anyone who walks in would think otherwise."

Haidar grumbled, "You're all taking her side. Whatever she does, you support her. She can get away with anything."

The others laughed, amused by his childlike behavior.

As they exchanged greetings, Hajiya began preparing food to ensure they felt welcome upon their arrival.

Amatullah, filled with joy, went to the warmers and opened them to check the contents. When she found a particular dish, her face lit up with happiness.

She quickly served Uncle Bashir and her Aunt, then distributed food to the other children.

Turning to Haidar, she asked, "Uncle Haidar, would you like some?"

Haidar playfully scolded her, saying, "No, you don't need to add anything. You brought the food with you."

Hajiya chimed in, "Why are you being so harsh? Now, if she offers, is it a crime? She knows your preferences, and if she didn't offer, you might complain."

Amatullah remained silent, placed the food in front of Haidar, and left the room.

After everyone had finished eating, she collected the bowls and returned to the kitchen. As the afternoon prayer call rang out, she inquired about the location for ablution to perform her prayers.


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