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ALKAWARIN JINI Complete Hausa Novel Document by ALKAWARIN JINI


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The story takes place in the rural area of *Kausani*, situated in the *Wudil* local government of the northeast part of *Kano* state, Nigeria. The area is far removed from the hustle and bustle of the city, bearing the hallmarks of a quiet village life. It was home to a renowned educator and community leader known as *Malam Shehu Mai Darusu*, which translates to "Malam Shehu, the one with many students." He played a pivotal role in shaping the lives of the people in this region, especially in the field of Islamic education.

However, with the passing of *Malam Shehu Mai Darusu*, the area faced a void in terms of educational leadership. The absence of a suitable successor created a gap in the propagation of Islamic teachings in the community. The elder's legacy was the foundation upon which this community had been built, even though it wasn't very populous, with no more than fifty houses, and the structures were characterized by a rustic, unrefined appearance. The community, mostly comprising Fulani people and other Nigerian tribes, continued to refer to this area by the name it had been known for.

The story opens with a young girl emerging from one of the houses within the walled enclosure of *Rugar*, a style of traditional house. The girl, aged around fourteen, had a radiant black complexion that resembled African-Americans. Her skin gleamed with youthful vibrancy, drawing attention from those who saw her. Despite her hijab, which extended slightly above her knees, her attire didn't hinder her confidence and graceful gait. She had an average height, which enhanced the allure of her body. Her round face featured big, expressive eyes, a modest mouth, and a beautiful long nose, making her an epitome of God's creation. The narrative follows her as she moves gracefully toward the riverbank on this tranquil early morning, the pathway still devoid of fellow villagers setting out for their daily farm work.



The setting of the story is the village of *Kausani* situated in the local government area of *Wudil*, within the northeastern region of *Kano* state, Nigeria. The village exudes a rural ambiance, characterized by modest, traditional housing structures. The community, named after the renowned educator *Malam Shehu Mai Darusu* (meaning the one with many students), has its roots embedded in the teachings of Islam, led by the now deceased *Teacher*.

Since the passing of the influential teacher, the community's educational activities have dwindled due to the absence of a suitable successor to carry on his legacy. Despite the relatively small size of the village, comprising approximately fifty houses, the residents continue to identify themselves with the foundational influence of *Malam Shehu Mai Darusu*.

The narrative commences at approximately 6:30 am, with the focus on a young fourteen-year-old girl exiting one of the enclosed houses within the fortified *Rugar* settlement. The house's architectural style, resembling a traditional fortress, signifies the rural environment typical of the region. Despite her American Black heritage, the girl possesses a radiant skin complexion that emits a distinct radiance. Her tall, slender figure, accentuated by her hijab that barely reaches her knees, exudes a graceful poise as she traverses the quiet morning streets.

She possesses a round face adorned with captivating large eyes and a dainty mouth, complemented by a beautifully sculpted long nose. Her confident gait reflects a regal bearing, undisturbed by the tranquility of the early morning hours. As she strolls, she remains unperturbed, heading towards the nearby riverbank, evoking an aura of grace and resilience amidst the peaceful surroundings.

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