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AL'AMARIN MARYAM Complete Hausa Novel Document by AL'AMARIN MARYAM


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Author: Rahmatullah Muhammad ,

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AL'AMARIN MARYAM Complete Document Written By Rahmatullah Muhammad


In this mysterious tale, I witnessed two girls stuck in a secluded corner of a house courtyard. The older one, Fati, not exceeding ten years, and the younger, Mimi, only four. As the sun intensified, trapping them, a woman emerged, calling Fati's name and instructing them to fix a room.

Startled, Fati took Mimi, revealing she went to get medicine at Umma's house. Fearfully, she sought help for Mimi's weak body, asking the woman, Umma, for medicine. Umma declined, suggesting Fati find a chemist. Disheartened, Fati persisted, but Umma redirected her to the wrong place.

Throughout the day, they sought shade in the house until evening prayer. When their father returned, Fati rushed to him, pleading for help for Mimi. Confused, the father, Baffa, corrected the name, Maryamu, and advised Fati to seek help elsewhere.

Fati approached an aunt, sharing Baffa's message. The aunt, known as Anty, embraced the children. Mimi, still weak, couldn't eat, causing concern. At 8:30 p.m., with no help in the house, Fati sought Ahmad, a cousin. Ahmad, initially indifferent, agreed to help after Fati mentioned the chemist. Despite Ahmad saving for school, he accompanied them to the chemist, negotiating a discount and providing much-needed medicine. As the night unfolded, Mimi, with gratitude, finally found relief and slept peacefully.

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