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AISHA LOVELY Complete Hausa Novel Document by AISHA LOVELY


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Their car came to a halt, and she hopped out, landing gracefully. She hurried into the house, calling out to her mother. Her mother was in the living room, chatting on the phone, but as soon as she saw her daughter, she broke into a warm smile.

"My lovely," she greeted, patting her daughter's head affectionately.

"Mummy, ice cream zansha! I want to go to the zoo, the park, and have chocolate," the excited girl exclaimed.

Her mother chuckled and shook her head. "Lelena, all those things you've listed, your brother will buy them for you. You know he always spoils you. But before you devour your ice cream and chocolate, you should go and freshen up."

"Mummy, God, I love you so much!" Lelena beamed. She knew her mother's love for her was boundless.

"Do you know how your brother behaves?" her mother asked. "If you pester him too much, he might run away from home."

Lelena rolled her eyes playfully. "Mummy, what kind of girl do you think I am?" She heard her brother's voice and quickly scampered to her room.

As she reached her room, she laughed to herself and danced a little before heading to the bathroom. She took a relaxing bath and performed her ablutions. Afterward, she prayed on her prayer mat. With the world at her feet, she closed her bedroom door, picked up her phone, and lounged on her bed, engrossed in a game.

Time passed swiftly, and she lost track of it. Suddenly, the ringing of her phone jolted her awake. She answered the call and heard her mother's voice.

"Lovely, it's time to come out. I know you've been playing, but you can't keep your brother waiting," her mother said.

Lelena responded cheerfully, "Okay, Mum." She quickly got up, dashed to the bathroom, took another bath, and performed ablutions again. She calmly recited her prayers and then opened her wardrobe. She selected a mini skirt and an armless dress. She applied some powder and lip gloss before choosing pink shoes to match her outfit.

Heading to the door, she paused briefly to spritz herself with perfume. Her mother appeared, admiring her daughter's appearance.

"God, you look beautiful," her mother exclaimed, pulling her into a warm hug.

"Thank you, Mum," Lelena replied with a grateful smile.

Together, they made their way to the kitchen. Her mother suggested, "Lelena, do you want your sister to come over today?"

Lelena thought for a moment and replied, "Ehmmm, not today, Mum. You go and rest in your room. I'll take care of cooking."

Her mother protested, "Oh, lovely, let's do it together."

But Lelena insisted, "No, Mum. Go relax. I've got this." She opened the freezer, retrieved two chickens, and placed them in a small basket. Then, she turned on the gas and put the rice on to cook. She began preparing pepper chicken and pepper soup from the insides of the chicken, using the meat to make a stew. After finishing the meal, they set the dining table.

With the kitchen cleared, Lelena returned to her room to get ready. She changed into an English shirt and skirt and offered her prayers. Afterward, she dressed in her chosen outfit, ready to go out.

As the call for the Maghrib prayer echoed, she emerged from her room. Her mother greeted her warmly, and she bid her goodbye before stepping out.

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