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ADON TAFIYA Complete Hausa Novel Document by ADON TAFIYA


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He walked into the room, and she followed. Halimatu was unfamiliar to him, and he turned to her, saying, "Please, Halimatu, leave." But at one point, he locked eyes with her, and she began speaking, claiming that her mother had told her to accompany her husband into the room, as that was the custom. He was baffled, and his mind raced with his father's words, but he stammered to express himself, and she continued, stating that Uncle Xamiyi was just like her mother and that husbands and wives did certain things. He turned to her, his eyes burning with seriousness, and indicated the way out. She left, her trolley accompanying her.

"Why doesn't my husband love me?" she muttered. "Why doesn't he want to dress up and smile at me like Uncle?" Halimatu gazed at her, knowing very little about love, especially when it came to matters of husbands and wives. She was perplexed and unsure of how to respond. Halimatu set aside her clothes and asked, "Is that so? My mom says I will marry my husband too." She frowned and continued, "Who is your husband or uncle?" Halimatu explained, "I mean my future husband. I don't love him. I'll marry whoever I want to," she said with a grin. Nusayba jumped in excitement, exclaiming, "He's old, he's not fun, but he has a car! I don't love him. I want someone like Xamiyi." Halima frowned, "I don't love him. What do I want ?????" Nusayba danced around, declaring, "He's old and can't even drive a car. There's quite a difference!" Halimatu chuckled and engaged in playful banter. When they entered the plane, they shook their heads, their faces beaming with happiness.

The next day, their flight touched down in Malaysia. Nusayba was anxious, as she had a fear of flying. She vomited on the plane, while Halimatu chuckled at her discomfort. However, Nusayba was more at ease once they arrived in Malaysia.

Later that day, a strong sense of longing overwhelmed him as he gazed at the empty room. Tears welled up in his eyes as he lay on the bed, yearning for her presence. He couldn't bear the emptiness, and he recalled that if they had a child, his arms would be filled, his heart content. He gently massaged his own body, moistening it with water. As he went to fetch more water with a small towel, he heard faint cries.

Entering the room, he discovered Nusayba crying and lying on the bed. His heart brimmed with compassion, and he realized that if they had a child, his body would be stronger than hers. He started massaging her body with water-dampened towels, trying to soothe her. Nusayba struggled to calm herself, watching Halimatu with tear-filled eyes. She thought about her childhood and began to cry.

Suddenly, he fell asleep, overwhelmed by exhaustion. As the room grew silent, the two girls remained locked in an embrace. To his surprise, when he awoke, he found Halimatu lying on Nusayba's body, both fast asleep. His thoughts raced, wondering what had occurred. He hesitated but eventually woke Nusayba, her eyes still closed. In a hushed tone, he said, "Nusayba." She slowly opened her eyes and gazed at him, offering a weary smile filled with pain. "My husband..." she whispered.

His face registered confusion. "Your husband?" he questioned. "I have someone in mind whom I wish to marry. Don't let your husband deny me," she said. "But you just mentioned that you want your husband," he responded. "Inna told you to say that. You don't need to mention a husband at your age. When you grow up and find someone you want to marry, you'll understand. If you want to play pretend, you should call me your husband." Nusayba fell silent, turning to look at Halimatu before facing him. "I don't even want to talk about my husband. I want him," she declared.

He touched his lips and glanced at the village children, their eyes filled with love. Their parents had explained the concept of marriage to them, which they didn't like, especially the way their mothers spoke to them, offering guidance. He didn't pay much attention, instead fetching Nusayba's medicine and water. He went to tuck them in at the station before departing. They requested admission by the grace of God, and they were accepted. They started in J.S2 and were eager to learn. During a meeting with the principal, they inquired about the children. Abidi, their father, began introducing them. "This is Halima Umar Makama," he began. As he glanced around, he realized Nusayba Abubakar Makama was missing. His concern grew when he couldn't find her at their meeting point.

Opening his eyes, he spotted Halimatu and inquired, "Where's Nusayba?" She gestured toward the school grounds where the children were playing. There, he spotted the eldest child, and he quickly rushed over, taking her by the hand and pulling her ear. She began to cry, holding her ears, her mouth tightly closed. They proceeded to the classroom, where children of varying ages, though similar in appearance, awaited their lessons.

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