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ABU MAHEER 1 Complete Hausa Novel Document by ABU MAHEER 1


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ABU MAHEER 1 Complete Document Written By Fatima Audi (Teema)


* By God, no one in this household possesses the strength to contend with me. I intend to sleep beside someone who assaulted her friend, resulting in her friend's mouth exploding.

* Mom, one more thing: risking my life is not worth it. I'm disoriented, and everyone who claimed to be present has vanished. Those who insisted they bought it asked me to go to their room, but I'm hesitant.

* Indeed, your neck has suffered enough, my dear.

* Dakyar successfully breached the wall, and Mike entered the room he owns – the room where they store grain bags. A stranger, clad in mere rags, is sewing with needle and thread, surrounded by clothes. All she does is weep, oblivious to her audience.

* Those words hurt her deeply, leaving her perplexed about the source of her anger. She even let go of her mother, whom she hadn't seen before, and couldn't recall from her window.

* Limping due to a sore leg, she followed the wall, carrying a water jug, heading towards the road to meet her friend.

* I can see your worry in every expression because, when I gaze at you, I sense a hidden concern in your heart, a concern loved by God.

* Kedae, let's travel to Asia. I always feel neglected by the world, wondering why I'm the subject of ridicule. Whenever INNA looks at me, her eyes well up with sorrowful tears.

* Patience is always the key to solving life's problems – the most important thing to remember.

* Thank you, my beauty, for wiping away my tears. I appreciate you even more for it.

* After fetching water, they playfully tossed it like friends. Suddenly, as if from the sky, they heard a crash as the jar atop her head shattered on the ground.

* Salma slapped my chest, reciprocated with an equally forceful slap. Looking at his face, she realized she had never seen such violence, leading to their breakup.

* I don't comprehend the harm you've caused me, the inhumanity you've subjected me to. But when you look at INNA and declare her tears, it's evident she's under immense stress.

* She uttered words without considering the consequences, and when she realized she'd regret it, she lifted her eyes only to find his face fallen.

* Servant of God, stay silent and don't speak to her. Even if you witnessed the incident, pretend you didn't, for God's sake.

* Kitaho remains silent and mute, as if predetermined to explode. She claps, wiping tears away, expressing pity for herself.

* The conversation weighs heavily on him, and his soul feels the pressure of life.

* They traveled swiftly without speaking, confirming their suspicion of his deafness. Yet, even if he were deaf, he should have acknowledged me.

* SALMA informed INNA about the kinsandae jar explosion, advising her not to blame her, as they won't support her.

* I'll tell her the truth about what happened, even if it means she'll harm you. Lying to her is another sin.

* Assalamualaikum, she bid farewell to her mother, though not adhering to the Islamic standard of greeting.

* To those who perceive you as hypocritical, you're pursuing your own understanding, revealing something I cannot put into words.

* While collecting water with a jar, someone struck me, causing it to fall and explode. I apologize.

* Oh dear, your neck has endured enough. Follow your mother, shout, break my jar – today, either take a bag of coins from your house, or your father won't prevent me from teaching you a lesson. I'll slap you until you dance.

* SALMA's body trembled, feeling her bones dry, but she was absent.

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