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ABDUL JEY Complete Hausa Novel Document by ABDUL JEY


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ABDUL JEY Complete Document Written By Natty Girl


Observe Dr. Yayi and gently remove the glasses from his face. Take a moment to glance at the young man beside the elderly Yayi, and inquire why he appears so distraught. It should have been mentioned earlier—ever since you learned about his illness, you brought him to the hospital in Amman. Initially, he described it as the worst, and then you brought him here. Look at him. Doctor, I'm puzzled by the direction of the conversation; he hasn't clarified anything for us. He doesn't have HIV. Son, she began contemplating going to Aid, but he swiftly discouraged it. The conversation is filled with tears, and near the woman, he has returned to his mother, or perhaps he knows that the father is HIV positive, Amman. Abduljabar, I will explain everything once we are back home in Amman. Until then, speak with me while I work. I'll discuss it with our doctor. He ended up coughing. If you delay the examination in Amman, it will cost twenty thousand and three pieces.

Before helping his father, Yayi accepted them, and they all stood up. Maman also stood up, clutching her chest as her heart felt heavy. With a small amount of money in hand, they hailed a taxi and headed to the company. When Baba learned that he was not restricted, he moved forward and began to cry. As they ascended, the company appeared vast. They halted in front of Dad. Abduljabar, wait for me here; Badan yasoba stopped, and he also entered.

Upon saluting, he entered the security area; they recognized him and allowed him in since they knew he was expected. But he paused inside, and they came out, allowing him to enter. He saluted the pilgrim standing there and turned to see the one who was saluting—he was united in Amman. Entering was not allowed; where is the pilgrim today? Come on, Umar, tell me what I should say. I am unfamiliar with this business, and I won't release your money. Today, I went to the hospital, and we were informed that I have HIV. Even before it concluded, you already have HIV. Do you not care whether you get it or not? A bit saddened, Dad looked at him, right, do you have your agun? Ah, that's it, and even if you complain about it, let me tell you, checking his watch, he said, "I'm going home now. I'll leave shortly." He left with a slap and arranged something else. It's just a waste of time. It means nothing. A disappointed smile. Dad, it's not your fault; it's the fault of my heart. Amman, you are enough for the world. With pants, he didn't do it until he sold it and moved on. He was leaving and bumped into the man waiting for him. He quickly entered when he saw his father. He woke up, Dad, what's happening? Don't worry, Abdul, today I have to instruct you to go back and get drunk. I know that this is the end of the day. Please, Dad, I am not alone. He assisted him, and they exited. Upon meeting Mama, they got into a taxi and departed.

She descended the stairs, clutching the car key in her hand. At 12:00 in Amman, it was time for Hasinat. She awoke and noticed that Mama hadn't informed her of anything. Upon opening the cooler, her eyes fell on rice and soup. She rushed to see Auntie, and before she could speak, Hasinat turned the rice and soup over for her. Mike's mom was astonished, and she refrained from slapping Amman. She held her by the hand. It's good, it's right; I understand. Look at Amman, pilgrims, see what's happening. Then I saw the money I was collecting for my son. Mommy said, "God has put an end to this money. Everyone can rest." She mentioned that her soul is at peace.

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