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A ZURI'AR ARAB Complete Hausa Novel Document by A ZURI'AR ARAB


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AA ZURI'AR ARAB Complete Document Written By Mhiz Innocent


She rose in panic, clutching the phone tightly in her hand. Alh alqaseem, who stood beside her, extended his hand in concern, his entire demeanor shifting as if her distress might bring tears to his eyes. In a compassionate manner, he moved closer to her and inquired, "What about Rahama lpia?"

Just as the impending cry was about to escape her, she uttered, "Fateema! Fateema!!"

Misinterpreting her distress, he asked, "Fateema what? What happened?"

But to everyone's surprise, she burst into laughter and explained, "Her husband had an accident, may God bless his soul; he passed away. She was the one who brought me to the hospital as she was in labor," she concluded, her expression returning to deep concern.

"Oh salaam! Innalillahi wa inna ilaehi raji'un," Alh alqaseen uttered a prayer upon hearing the news of Fatim's husband, mentioning her name in his supplication.

Taking his hat from the center table, he also grabbed her hijab and tossed them outside. The entrance of a handsome white boy, about 10 years old, with a support bag on his back caught Alh alqaseem's attention. In his melodious voice, the boy declared, "Daddy, I'm going to follow you!"

With a joyful tone, he replied, "Oh, boy, go to Abba's house and eat before we come back."

Persistently, the boy insisted, "No, please, I'll follow you," throwing his bag and basket aside. Witnessing this, Alh alqaseem chuckled, and they exited together. Even before completing Hajj, Rahma took charge of the driving until Alh alqaseem suggested he take over.

After about 20 minutes of travel, they reached the hospital. They should have inquired before arriving. Upon reaching Fatima's delivery room, they waited for more than 30 minutes until the white midwife came out and instructed them to descend. With a sense of relief, she hurriedly entered the room.

Leaning back, she discovered Fatima holding the baby in her arms, smiling, yet displaying inner strength. After Haj Rahma entered, the midwife returned and cautioned her, saying, "Haj, please don't disturb her with noise. She requested your presence but needs more rest."

Haj Rahma nodded and smiled, taking a seat beside the bed. Fatima, still smiling, adjusted her clothes and handed the beautiful baby to Haj Rahma. Understanding her unspoken words, Haj Rahma cradled the baby in her arms and placed it beside the small bed.

"Hello, Fati!" she greeted Fatima, who responded slowly.

"How merciful God is! After 11 years of our marriage, today, He has blessed us with more joy. We hope for a day when our daughter will come, and her father will return to God," she expressed emotionally, tears streaming down her face. Overwhelmed with love, she couldn't contain her emotions.

"Please don't stop crying; it's not for you. I pray you can assist him. It is your privilege to do so. May God forgive him," she said, shaking her head.

Moved, Haj Rahma responded, "Who told you that you should die? Yes, sickness and death are inevitable. Let us raise Fateema together. Please, God, let it be."

Fatima's smile conveyed profound meaning, and she spoke with her son, who seemed to understand. Holding hands, they shared a moment.

When Alh alqaseem and Arman entered the room, Alh alqaseem touched Fatima's body while Arman, seeing the baby on the bed, shifted his focus. Fatima's eyes were closed as if she were sleeping, and he gently placed his hand on her small white hand, his face beaming with smiles. She began to whisper slowly, a sign that she could wake up at any moment. Opening her eyes slightly, she fixed her gaze on the night sky as if seeing something, bringing happiness to Arman. Playing a role, she waved her hand, as if saying, "BABY!!!" This continued for a while before she released her grip, throwing her hands in the air. At that moment, Fateema returned to her Creator.

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