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Author: Nabila Rabi'u Zango ,

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He was a remarkable man, an elderly gentleman who appeared to be no more than 50 years old. He was in a wheelchair, struggling with the effects of a stroke that had left his body weakened. Every three days, his body was carefully tended to.

King Qaseem entered the room where he was, addressing him as his younger brother. "Hello, Yaya," he greeted. The old man on the couch responded weakly, his eyes filled with emotion.

The chief servant, standing nearby, handed him a cloth to wipe his eyes. Sarki Qaseem raised his hand, and everyone in the room applauded.

Sitting beside him, the king expressed his concern. "Oh, son of God, how are you faring? You must tell me."

The elderly man spoke, recalling events from 18 years ago and the daily prayers of the kingdom's scholars for the well-being of the realm. He also expressed his hope for God's mercy. Sarki Qaseem smiled, looking at his beloved younger brother, the only child of the same father.

The two shared a warm moment, filled with brotherly love, as they were both sons of the same father.

King Qaseem couldn't help but smile at his brother's comments on the weather. He replied, "Of course, Yaya, today I'm happy to see you smiling. Your happiness brings joy to us all."

Laughter echoed from inside the room, where a woman was sitting. One of those present remarked, "Yes, you know I would never let you be harmed within the royal household. How did you even manage to find me here in the house? How old are you?"

The princess of the Big House replied, "You know, we are always together, Your Highness, and I decided to join in the conversation. Besides, you know we are the king's wives. Qaseem, my husband's younger brother, is still here in the kingdom."

The princess picked up her dish of apples and glanced at Jakadiya, who was massaging her. "Ambassador," she said, "tell us a story about the house."

The ambassador straightened up and replied, "May God bless you, Grand Princess. There is no one like you within this house. God has granted us a long day. Without a doubt, there is a story that has caused quite a stir within the house. Even in Princess Shuwa's room, she still doesn't believe me."

Medaki interjected, "No, Ambassador, I believe you. Tell us the story."

Inside a room, a woman wearing pale clothes sat beside an old lady. Nearby was an old bowl filled with food, but the entire room was in a state of disarray. A beautiful young woman, no older than 18, was in the room as well. Akusa, an older woman who couldn't have been more than 38, appeared to be in a state of madness. She tried to feed her daughter, who seemed deaf to her pleas, and the situation was unsettling.

The mother laughed manically, saying, "Baby, you won't eat today. You said you're going to be hungry."

A young man, handsome like the Arabs, named Sallama, entered the room of the beautiful woman. She was reclining and washing a carpet in the room. She greeted him with a smile, and he replied, "Good morning, Princess Arif." He lay down beside her and paid his respects to her late mother.

Looking around at the servants in the room, she asked them to leave. She then spoke to the young man, saying, "Madara brought me cow's milk, and I wanted to visit Abba's place."

Sallama informed her that her father was in the meeting room and that he wanted to speak with her. She inquired about the topic of their conversation, and he replied with a smile, "It's about Baffa's illness. Since I was born, it has been my responsibility, and it should be handled properly."

She said that Arif didn't know much about Yaya's illness, and while their father was doing his best, it was important to meet him to discuss the matter further.


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