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A DALILINKI Complete Hausa Novel Document by A DALILINKI


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Author: Aisha Bawa ,

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This novel is purely a work of fiction intended to entertain its readers. I didn't study literature to critique anyone's work, but finally, it's meant to help readers appreciate the art of storytelling.

In the story, there is a beautiful girl who is walking while engrossed in her phone. Her face radiates happiness with two big, expressive eyes, thick eyelashes, well-defined eyebrows, and a slightly small mouth. Her hair is neatly done up, and she has a stunning figure with curves reminiscent of a Coca-Cola bottle. She is introduced as Aliyu, the daughter of a senior consultant in Nigeria, who drives a luxurious Mercedes Benz.

The story continues with Aliyu receiving a call from her cousin Zainab. They reminisce about their childhood friendship, and it is revealed that they have been inseparable since kindergarten. They both excelled academically and pursued careers in fashion design in New York. While Zainab works in the textile industry, *Nisha* is a supermodel in addition to being a fashion designer.

Zaynab shares exciting news about a job offer for *Nisha* in the textile industry, but *Nisha* seems reluctant due to rumors about the strict owner. Zaynab encourages her to consider the opportunity, emphasizing the importance of taking chances in life.

The story shifts to *Nisha* preparing for an interview with Sofia's clothing line. She rushes to get ready and describes her attire, makeup, and accessories. *Nisha* arrives slightly late at the interview but makes a lasting impression. She enters a meeting room with the CEO, Mrs. Sofia Sagir, and they are given an art task to complete.

Mrs. Sofia reviews their sketches and application letters, ultimately dismissing one of the applicants. She notices something unique about *Nisha* but keeps her thoughts to herself.

In the end, *Nisha* leaves the office, and her fate remains uncertain.

(Note: I've retained the names and phrases used in the original text for clarity.)

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