NI DA MISBAH Complete Document Written By Mujahida Matar Malam


Certainly, here’s a rewritten version of the text:

She stood before a photograph of her husband, her gaze unwavering, and on her lips, there was a delicate smile.

“Aunt Amna! Aunty Amna!! Aunty Amna!!!” Aira’s voice echoed through the parlor, drawing her attention away from the photograph. Amna turned, her expression now somewhat perturbed. “I’ve been calling you, why didn’t you come?” Aira questioned, a frown creasing her forehead.

The young lady approached slowly, her chocolate-brown skin glowing under the room’s lights. Her straightened hair lay gracefully on her back, while her figure gracefully filled out the maroon dress she wore. Amna’s demeanor remained cool as she asked, “What is it, Aira? Why are you so agitated?”

“You’re needed, Hajiya Sama is calling you,” Aira replied before heading upstairs, tapping away on her phone.

Amna excused herself from the gathering and attended to the call. Later, she found herself seated by Hajiya Hanuwa, engrossed in a newspaper. Beside her, Hadid’a leaned on her shoulder and spoke softly, “Look, Hajiya.”

Amna glanced at her, replying, “I told them not to serve me tea today.”

“Apologies, Hajiya, please calm down. There’s something else bothering you. Let me join you now,” Hadid’a reassured.

“Someone should deal with that Aira,” Amna said, irritation evident as she closed her eyes, her hand clenching in the kitchen.

Hajiya chuckled and remarked to Hadida, “God has a way of confirming our bond. I wanted to call you today, but I refrained from it. Let’s not keep exchanging pleasantries.”


Exiting the gym with a towel, he wiped the sweat off his face. The tall, fair man wore a T-shirt that highlighted his toned physique. His phone buzzed in his pocket, prompting a smile to appear on his face. “May Hajiya be blessed with good health and a peaceful night’s rest. May my ex-wife’s daughter find success,” he greeted as he answered the call, earning chuckles from those around him. “Jairin Yaro and the rest, I am sorry for my absence. We had an important meeting today with some key players in tomorrow’s game, so my mind has been occupied,” he explained.

“May God aid you, but when will you return home?” Hajiya inquired.

“Are you missing me, Hajiya? I will be away this week because of the final match that brought me to Canada,” he responded.

“We miss you dearly, MISBAH. Unlike your sister Amna, everyone eagerly awaits your return,” Hajiya expressed.

The sudden shift in his demeanor was palpable, as if hot water had been poured over him. Masking his emotions with a smile, he displayed a hint of sadness before disconnecting the call and switching off his phone.

Feeling perplexed about the love between Amna and MISBAH, the conflict lingering in the air, they conversed among themselves. And as the tale unfolded in the book of MISBAH…

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