NAFEESAT Complete Document Written By Nafisat Ismail Lawal


Two 24-year-old girls resided in the old palo, meeting in chairs adorned with palo. One of them, not yet 19 years old, burst out of her room, inquiring about their well-being. Settling onto the arm of the chair, the girl holding the CE phone eagerly showed the other some boxes.

“Take a look at these boxes, they’re so beautiful. I love them, sweety,” she said excitedly to Ihsan.

Nafeesa, busy with social media, responded, “I mean, am I the one talking nonsense or Ihsan? Is it a crime to have what I want in this day and age of civilization?”

Meanwhile, Baseera chimed in, playfully teasing Ihsan, who was sitting a bit farther away.

Elsewhere, Yafada’s conversation on the phone with someone made her smile, her beautiful expression catching the attention of those around her.

“Maybe at night, when you were helping Haidar check his stuff, you could drop by. Do you want to see me?” she asked, a playful note in her voice.

With one eyebrow raised, Haidar complimented her, saying, “Oh, Kaine, you’re a sight to behold.”

Al’ameen, excited, urged Haidar to get going, prompting a laugh from Haidar. They left the office, engaged in a chat.



Ruga, situated in the Kaduna state, in the small district of Zaria, is known for Malam Lawali, an elder known for his expertise in traditional medicine. He is sought out by locals for remedies, often yielding positive results. His daughter, Nafeesa, nicknamed Ummee, has faced many challenges, including several tragic losses. She is a reserved and shy 17-year-old who attended a boarding school where she studied the Quran.

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