A Toyota 320 car raced to the entrance of a private hospital named *S&S SAFANA SPECIALIST HOSPITAL*. The frantic woman leaped out of the car and rushed into the hospital, pleading, “Please, help me! My daughter can’t die. Help me!” Nurses quickly followed her to a patient’s bed where a young woman lay, accompanied by an elderly woman, who appeared to be in labor. The young woman cried out in agony, uttering incomprehensible words. As they rushed her into the labor room, Hajiya Karima, a midwife, observed the situation.

A man nearby mocked, “Looks like he’s here to reap what he sowed.” But Hajiya Karima smiled and retorted, “Ayyah, Hajiya doesn’t discriminate. In front of her, everyone is equal.” She was about to continue when the scent of Azzaro’s perfume filled the air.

As Hajiya Karima tried to exude charm, they encountered two men dressed in black and gray suits, wearing doctor’s coats. One of them asked, “Hajiya, have you arrived?”

Initially, she replied, “We’ve arrived at my father’s house, and they’ve taken her inside.” After a pause, she turned to Hajiya Karima and added, “It’s a full house, ever since I walked in, I got entangled in a story with her.” They were all taken aback before Hajiya Karima managed to free her hands and said, “My father hurried here to see *SAKINATU*.”

In frustration and sorrow, he turned to see Furta, whose long hair exuded beauty and perfection. Her slightly curved nose complemented her long, straight mouth. She seemed to rub her red eyes, her black hair cascading around her. Her rounded style lent her an air of charisma. The red mark on her forehead, coupled with a scar, only increased her appeal. She wore thin glasses on her small face, further enhancing her beauty in his eyes.

*DR SAFWAN SALE SAFANA*, a gynecologist, accompanied him.

As he approached her, he said in a low voice, “Welcome, Hajiya…”

She interrupted him, saying, “That’s what I asked you for. My daughter, I need to know her condition. I need to speak to her; I’ve been keeping quiet.”

Trembling, she leaned against a wall and nearly fainted. She approached the door of the labor room, gripping the handle.

“God is sufficient for me, what a troublesome pregnancy you’ve given me. You said childbirth isn’t difficult…hair…hair is the real challenge. You’ve done nothing but eat,” she mumbled with a hint of repentance. She turned the door handle and began to walk away. They all followed her, puzzled. Hajiya Karima raised her voice and asked, “Hey, where are you going? Do you know what she’s saying?” But she didn’t even glance back.

Frustrated, Hajiya Karima raised her hands and exclaimed, “Wayyo, I’m generous. I’ll give you three.” She approached the woman known as Momma and said, “You’re the kind of mother who belittles what your son has done to my daughter, yet you can’t utter a word because he’s taken advantage of it.” She turned and mumbled, “The barrel should go inside, right?”

With an exasperated eye roll, she replied. Momma gently sat on her and spoke to Dr. Tahir, “Well…be patient and promise me she’ll deliver safely.” As she finished speaking, she opened the door to the labor room and entered.

Dr. Safwan left his office in haste, headed to the restroom, and took a shower without removing his clothes. The water flowed for over thirty minutes as he attempted to relieve the pain in his back. Eventually, he turned off the water, feeling a sense of relief.

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