NA SHIGA ALJANNA BOOK 2 Complete Document Written By Maimuna Sani Idris Beli


“Get up and cheer me up. I’m going crazy, Salman,” pleaded Ciziz. “Don’t cry and show fear,” Adam continued beating Salman, who lay there with signs of a prolonged sleep dragging his feet. It wasn’t sleep, but rather frustration preventing him from reaching Adam, who had been cleaning the house and crying since the beginning of the night.

Since the evening, Adam had been in a state of anxiety and headache, unable to eat dinner or even pray. The anger from Salman’s beating stemmed from Adam’s refusal to share the reason for his distress. Despite Salman’s intention to spend the night and lend support, Adam insisted on keeping his worries to himself.

Adam’s reluctance to disclose the cause of his distress heightened Salman’s concern. Adam had only planned to return to their neighborhood for the night, not with the intention of pleasing Adam but because he knew that once he sorted out his concerns, he would confide in Salman. Upon waking up, Salman tried to lighten the mood with a form that almost made Salman burst into laughter, but Adam remained silent, contemplating his situation.

“Are you really crazy, Adam?” Salman asked, uncertain whether it was a joke. Adam, in tears, refused to dismiss it as a joke. “By God, I am really crazy, Salman, don’t you notice?” Salman rolled his eyes, and Adam, crying, didn’t answer. “It happened like this, how did it happen?” Salman questioned. Adam, disappointed, responded, “What I know is that I’ve never been like this. In my mind, I know the first row to enter. Alas for my life, in all my wishes, there is no madness, Salman, but you see that God has tested me.”

Salman’s gaze shifted, and fear crept in as he observed Adam piercing the lid of pure water and handing it to him. Adam implored Salman to pray for him, hoping it would alleviate the knot in his chest. Salman hesitated, fearing the consequences, but eventually handed the water to Adam, instructing him to say “Bismillah” before drinking.

The room fell silent, with the beating of their hearts and ears being the only audible sounds. Adam, overwhelmed by the complexity of the situation, and Salman, fearful and contemplating an escape plan, were left alone. As they waited, Salman raised his head and checked the clock. It was four in the morning, and he debated whether to leave immediately or wait. The possibility of encountering danger outside weighed on him.

Adam’s concern deepened when Salman suggested waking up Hajiya and informing her of Adam’s supposed madness. The fear of consequences held Salman back, and they spent fifteen minutes in silence, aside from Adam’s tears.

Salman’s eyes were fixed on Adam, and fear of him waking up gripped Salman. When he heard Adam’s cry subside, Salman looked at the clock, then back at Adam. “You won’t pray today, will you? I saw four and was about to release you.”

“If I ask God, what will Salman do? I’m sorry. He gave me a chance, and I asked Him yesterday not to give me what I always begged for,” Adam replied through tears. Salman, surprised, realized that Adam was referring to Husna and Salma.

“Anya? Your heart has really started to go crazy,” Salman said. Adam looked at him with confusion before Salman continued, “I don’t know what to call what I am imagining, Adam. All I know is that you love Husna and don’t love Salma, so what you did yesterday won’t be like that just for nothing.”

“That’s why I told you I’m crazy,” Adam confessed.

“I agree too,” Salman said, frustrated by the complexity of Salma’s involvement in the matter. Before he could speak further, he succumbed to negative thoughts. Adam, realizing that Salman was his only confidant in the world, pleaded for something that would instill confidence in him.

Salman held Adam’s shoulder, nodded, and said, “Clean up until tomorrow. I promise to take any bad step. The cursed one who tried to make your heart confused and crazy, I swear to God, I will not leave his world safe either.” Gathering hope, Adam looked at Salman and said, “Promise?”

Salman bowed his head and replied, “I promise. You also promised me to keep calm until the time comes.”

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