ME KE FARUWA Complete Document Written By Unknown



Reclining in the spacious bathtub within the quarters designated for staff, Sam defied the appearance of a typical servant due to his imposing stature. The bathroom itself boasted considerable dimensions, allowing for a viewing experience of the wall-mounted television from a moderate distance. The area where one would attend to their bathroom needs was pristine and orderly.

In the tub, Modibbo luxuriated amidst warm, soapy water carrying a potent fragrance. He manipulated the television remote, switching the channel to CNN. Amid this, he caught the faint sound of his partner’s door. “Who could it be?” he pondered, all the while keeping his gaze fixed. As the recollection of their interactions surfaced, he anticipated their arrival, spending nearly thirty minutes before beginning to explore his own physique.

Gradually, he disengaged the obstruction that impeded the water flow and adjusted the dripping faucet. Retrieving a nearby container, he covered his body with the cascading water, and with a delicate touch, he combed through his hair. Following this routine, he adorned his feet with soft slippers and settled onto a chair. Meanwhile, attendants among the staff proceeded to anoint his form with fragrant oils and diligently treat his hair, leaving it exquisitely perfumed.

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