She sprinted as if she had stolen something from the heavens, taking just three to four minutes to reach the exam hall.

On the opposite side, she spotted a handsome young man seated some distance away on a rock, a clear indication of a stranger or someone waiting.

The time now read two minutes past two.

Her haste left no room for hesitation.

That’s why she ended up right in front of him.

Upon entering the school hall, she realized there was no available seat, so she had to stand by the window.

Without delay, the exam papers were distributed. Fortunately, the questions were not overly difficult, as she had prepared well.

Yet, this made it challenging for her to complete the paper.

With gratitude to the Almighty, she submitted her paper and headed to her car.

At times, she walked leisurely, but today was about getting things done quickly.

As she was about to cross to the other side, she noticed him, still seated, contemplating the father of Tagumi.

When he finally stood up and turned around, she was standing at the side of the road, having parked her car. She approached him and greeted him.

His head shot up in surprise upon seeing her, and he rose to meet her.

With a cheerful demeanor, she said, “Hello, sir, you appear to be a newcomer, am I right?”

Quickly, he replied, “Yes, I am new to this posting, and I’m unfamiliar with the school’s location. I’ve been waiting for someone to pass by, but it’s been quite quiet.”

“I see,” she said, “may your arrival be blessed. Did someone send you?”

He reached into his pocket and retrieved a small piece of paper, handing it to her.

As she read it, she remarked, “Allah is indeed the King above us, never far away. You must be wondering what these areas are called.”

He nodded, saying, “Yes, I’m not familiar with this place at all.”

She explained, “This area used to be the old airport, and behind you, there’s a straight road leading to 1, 2, 3 Quarters on the right. You won’t see many people walking around here.”

He replied, “That’s why I’ve been here for a while, waiting and watching people pass by.”

She simply smiled and said, “Bismillah.”

Mikewa stood in front of him, not holding his luggage. The woman opened the door for him to enter and then closed it behind him before getting into the car herself.

They strolled leisurely, engaging in conversation. At one point, he introduced himself, saying, “My name is Mahfus.”

As they continued walking, she replied, “I’m Amatullah.”

He smiled and complimented her, “What a lovely name.”

She returned the smile, expressing her gratitude.

Before they parted ways, she asked him, “By the way, would you mind if I give you my number?”

He responded, “Not at all.”

And that’s how they exchanged numbers, bidding each other farewell.

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