MATAR DOCTOR Complete Document Written By Rukky Bae


He lay on the bed, swathed in a luxurious silky blanket, enjoying his slumber. The door creaked open, and an older woman entered the room, dressed in a purple lace dress with delicate pink accents. A pink scarf adorned her head, matching her pink flat shoes and the pink bag she carried. Approaching the bed, she gently removed the blanket from his chest and placed it beside him, planting a loving kiss on his forehead.

He stirred slightly, his voice muffled, “Mom, where are we going?”

She regarded him tenderly, “Seems like it’s Sunday. Shall we head to church?”

Ruffling his hair with one hand, she coaxed, “Come on, darling. Get up. It’s nearly 8 o’clock, and the service starts promptly at 8.”

He mumbled drowsily, “Mom, I’m not going.”

Her eyes widened in surprise, “Why?”

With a sigh, he turned over and buried himself under the covers, “I don’t like all this religious stuff. I’ll stay until you come back.”

Before she could respond, the door swung open, and an elderly man entered, dressed in a formal black suit, white shirt, and a black necktie.

“Come on, my dear, we’re waiting!” he exclaimed. He glanced at the bed and saw that his son was refusing to get up. “He doesn’t want to come,” the mother explained.

The father’s expression darkened, “Why?!” he demanded.

“Dad, I can’t go,” the son explained, concern etched on his face. The father’s anguish deepened, and he exclaimed, “You’re my son! You’re very sick!” He cradled his head in his hands as he spoke.

Their expressions softened, and they quickly apologized, instructing him to rest. They each planted a kiss on his cheek, covered him with the blanket, and quietly left the room.


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