MASHAHURI Complete Document Written By Binta Umar Abbale


**Title: The Quiet Journey Home**

Hanifa, a serene young girl, strolled along the side of the street, adorned in Islamic school attire—Toyobo blue-black, a long shirt, and a hijab cascading down to her feet. Her presence drew curious glances, and the town’s residents, particularly the youth, couldn’t resist vocalizing their disapproval, shouting warnings about the consequences of her unconventional choices.

Enduring the judgmental gazes, Hanifa proceeded towards her house in the Shagari Qutears neighborhood. The town, unaware of the righteous path her father, Abbu, advocated, ridiculed and scorned her. This did not dampen her spirit, but rather, it fueled a deep sadness within her.

Entering her home, she heard the resonant voice of her father reciting the Qur’an from the attic. Silently removing her shoes and socks, she entered the family’s living space, where her mother, affectionately called Ammi, was preparing a meal of beans.

“Greetings, Ammi. I’m home,” Hanifa softly uttered.

Ammi, acknowledging her daughter’s return, responded, “Welcome back, Yawwa Hanifa. Let Abbu finish reciting the Qur’an, and then we can talk.”

Hanifa, eager to share her day, retreated to her room to change out of her school uniform. Abbu, engrossed in his Qur’an recitation, prepared for the Maghrib prayer. After completing his prayers, he joined Ammi outside, where they discussed the happenings in the neighborhood.

Later that evening, three young men approached Abbu, expressing their intent to learn from him. The unexpected request focused on a topic that caught Abbu off guard—sex education. Unfazed by their words, Abbu took a moment to understand their intentions. In the dim light, he recognized one of the young men from a past encounter.

Despite the discomfort, Abbu responded with dignity, asking if their interest in education was driven by a desire for a secure family life. The young men clarified that they sought Abbu’s guidance on the matter and were willing to pay for his teachings.

The revelation left Abbu reflecting on the misconceptions circulating about him in the town. He questioned the sincerity of the youth and, with a heavy heart, inquired about their true intentions regarding marriage.

As the conversation unfolded, it became apparent that the young men, seemingly privileged, were seeking practical guidance on relationships and were willing to compensate Abbu for his wisdom. The encounter left Abbu grappling with the complexities of imparting knowledge in a society clouded by judgment and misunderstanding.

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