The evening held the promise of a delightful meal, and it was a special day, for it was Friday—a day brimming with blessings and God’s mercy.

The atmosphere was charged with excitement and anticipation in every corner of the renowned medical school nestled in the bustling city of Abuja. The school was well-known and boasted a significant number of male and female students.

Just as students always knew when it was time, today was no different. At 5:00 p.m., the resounding chime of a large bell echoed through the school, signaling the end of the day. This sound never failed to bring joy to the hearts of the students, as it meant relief from the fatigue and hunger that accompanied long hours of classes.

Upon hearing the bell’s familiar toll, students began to pack their bags and prepare to head home.


A young woman, who had been trying to hang her hefty school bag, looked up from her tired state at the one seated beside her.

“Soumaya, wake up. Are you dozing off?”

The young woman corrected her posture and extended her hand toward her neighbor, who bore the same name: *SOUMAYA* (meaning “Gift of God”).

Soumaya slowly roused herself from her drowsy state, her mind still filled with thoughts of her loved one. She took a deep breath, her beautiful eyes, glistening with moisture, scanned her partner.

In response to Noor’s question, Soumaya, her voice soft and melodious like a flute, replied, “What’s happening, Noor? I’m not sleeping; I’m just tired.” She leaned her head to the side, resting her neck.

“What’s happening, you ask? It’s time to leave. The class is over, and I’ve been sitting here for ages. Let’s go, even if the class wasn’t enough for you,” Noor urged as she tried to exit her row.

Soumaya, her face slightly pale, worn out from fatigue and the gnawing hunger within her, gathered her belongings. By the time Noor had reached the classroom door, Soumaya had covered her back and was struggling to sling her bag over her shoulder.

As they stepped out into the school compound, bustling with students, they followed the routine. However, in this affluent school, every student’s father owned a car, and they were all picked up individually, except for one person—SOUMAYA.

Soumaya, burdened with her troubles and life’s challenges, walked quietly, head down, lips pressed together, with an air of grace about her. She moved with an undeniable allure.

Upon reaching the school’s spacious parking area, Noor felt relieved as she spotted Musa, their house driver. She suggested to Soumaya, “Soumaya, let’s not make the driver wait today. We’ll drop you off at home. You don’t need to take a taxi, although I understand it makes you happy.”

Noor was about to finish her sentence when she turned around and saw Soumaya trying to navigate through the cars.


Noor called out her friend’s name, observing her closely.

“What’s wrong, Soumaya? I’ve noticed you haven’t been yourself for the past two days, but you haven’t told me why.”

With a touch of concern in her eyes, Soumaya, her hand on her waist and her lips slightly pursed, replied, “Noor, I’m fine. It’s just that my period is coming soon, and you know how much I suffer.”

Noor nodded in understanding, expressing sympathy. “Eyyah, sorry, bestie. You’ll be fine, God willing. Let’s drop you off at home.”

Soumaya, a little shaken, adjusted her bag on her shoulder and spoke calmly, “I’m sorry, Noor. Just give me a moment; I’ll go outside the gate. The sun feels comforting.”

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