MAHAUKACIN KISHI Complete Document Written By Mum Fu’ad


I overheard a woman’s voice expressing discontent, accusing someone of being a hypocrite and an adulterer. She invoked divine consequences, expressing fear of betrayal. The commotion emanated from a large house, prompting me to investigate.

Upon entering, I witnessed a tumultuous scene. The woman was gripping her husband’s shirt, engaged in a struggle. He implored her to release him to avoid harm. In a fit of rage, she received a shocking slap but remained undeterred, continuing to yell in frustration.

Amidst the chaos, she expressed resentment, claiming that if the wives of family members were supportive, their husbands would be with her. The confrontation escalated, involving their children who watched from a corner, witnessing the unsettling scene. Another woman, possibly an older relative, advised her to be quiet and get used to such conflicts, leading to tears and a sense of despair.

As the husband left, the woman attacked the car, emphasizing that hypocrisy would have consequences in the hereafter. The climax came when she directed her anger at her brother’s daughter, branding her with derogatory words and threatening repercussions if greeted.

In the aftermath, the daughter wisely refrained from greeting the brother, leading to the family dispersing with the mother retreating to her room in tears. The younger family members, particularly an eighteen-year-old named Babar Yarce, struggled with the emotional toll of the situation.

Curious about the unfolding drama, I discovered that the mother reached out to her sister, Anty Sadiya, seeking solace. However, the conversation ended abruptly, leaving the mother seemingly content.

On another front, Sadik, a neighborhood leader, returned home to find his mother acknowledging the daily challenges they faced. She apologized, hinting at impending news that left her saddened. Despite the mother’s efforts to provide food, there was a sense of discontent in the household.

Later, Sadik attended to his mother’s request and found himself at the house of a girl named Aisha. Their conversation hinted at a romantic connection, but Sadik appeared troubled. After bidding farewell, he returned home, grappling with an impending misfortune.

Inside the house, he discovered a room filled with his belongings, indicating trouble in his marriage. As he indulged in bijiromishi, a local drink, he fell into a troubled sleep. Meanwhile, Rukayya, aware of her husband’s behavior, seized the opportunity to make her move.

The next morning, Sadik distanced himself from his family, who appeared indifferent to his presence. Rukayya initiated a confrontation, accusing him of mistreating her children and questioning his motives. The altercation continued, drawing attention to the family drama unfolding in plain sight.

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