MAGAJIN WILBAFOS Complete Document Written By Dr Abdullahi Muhammad Ibrahim


At around noon, on a hill’s second floor, three individuals dashed through a dense, dark forest. Two of them were clad in crimson armor, urging their horses forward, while the middle one donned unique armor that glistened like the surface of a boat on water.

Despite the fatigue etched on their faces, their resilience and determination shone through, and their speed remained undeterred. One of them opened his mouth to speak, revealing parched lips, indicating they hadn’t had water for a long time. “Leader, what should we do?” he inquired, glancing back into the darkness where they had fled.

Despite the sun shining high in the sky, the darkness behind them seemed to grow even deeper, adding to the mysterious atmosphere. The middle figure, with closed eyes, had an ominous black sword symbol in the place of his right eye, evoking an aura of sorrow.

The three warriors pressed on, reaching a cave where they took a moment to catch their breath. Moments later, other figures emerged around them, their faces covered, but their eyes emanating a piercing light that defied the darkness around them. These individuals were known as Ururun and had unique eyes with black centers and completely white irises.

The group fell into an intense, silent stare-down for over a minute before the leader among them, Uznu, broke the silence. He addressed the two red-armored warriors standing at the cave’s entrance and taunted their past efforts, suggesting that they had finally found the courage to confront him.

A fierce battle ensued, lasting a seemingly endless amount of time. The details of the fight were lost to history, with only Uznu surviving the encounter. Five hundred years later, he returned to the scene of the battle and informed King Dul’Ururu of the events that transpired.

Uznu recounted how he had discovered a sword left behind in the cave before the battle began, a sword containing an unreadable text. The search for the meaning of the text consumed him for years. He became involved in numerous battles and quests, and his name became synonymous with war and bravery.

Over the centuries, Uznu’s story became entwined with that of King Dul’Ururu, who led a war against opposing factions in his reign. After a long and arduous struggle, victory belonged to Ururu, etching his name into history.

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