One day, a girl in their class showed off a new phone, and the other children gathered around, curious to see it. Their interest was evident, but it didn’t bother the girl. The excitement in the air was palpable.

Mahmuda had a plan to steal the girl’s GSM phone. She had her own motives; she wanted him to marry her, promising that in three months, he would start to see hair growth.

They shared a joyful moment, surrounded by other women with two children on that day. Fateema introduced him to her GSM phone, and he remained silent. He found the whole thing rather silly, much like his own soul. He finally asked about the cost of the phone, to which Fateema replied that it wasn’t activated yet. He changed his tone slightly and asked what was so special about GSM. Fateema hesitated, saying she had something to discuss with him, but she needed to wait for the right moment. They agreed to chat on the phone later.

He asked about her phone’s ringtone, and she replied softly, “Um, I heard it. But what about the girl in your class? I want a beautiful girl like her.” He explained that the girl was missing, and the situation was more complicated than it seemed. Four days ago, she disappeared under mysterious circumstances. They even switched classes, but her husband kept wearing the same clothes, raising suspicions.

Islamiya had been walking since her father kicked her out, desperately wanting a phone. Fateema was amused by their conversation and asked who they were talking about. They assured her that they were not gossiping; instead, they were raising money to buy her a phone as a surprise.

Sanusi mentioned that Fateema had found a guy and didn’t need their help with the phone anymore. However, Fateema reassured them that she didn’t mind and that every phone was unique.

As they discussed their plan, Fahat proposed a scheme to get the phone. They would show her a hidden phone, claiming that the missing girl had left it behind. Sanusi thought it was a clever way to fulfill their goal and exploit Fateema’s greed.

In their second room, Fateema joined in the laughter and asked, “Who are you talking about?” Fahat explained that they were just having a lighthearted conversation, collecting money for a special purpose.

Sanusi commented that they had solved problem number one—finding Fateema a boyfriend. However, Fateema didn’t want them to feel obligated to buy her a phone. She was more interested in their friendship.

As the day went by, Fateema left for school, and on her way home, she encountered Ikilima, who informed her that Nafsa had skipped school to fight with someone. Nafsa seemed disinterested in her health, and her soul appeared guarded, concealing her true feelings.

Ikilima reminded Nafsa that God doesn’t like hatred, but Nafsa didn’t know how to face her Islamic school anymore. Even when she attended, she couldn’t concentrate due to the constant noise.

It was said that Nafsa had hit rock bottom, and her father questioned her actions. While they were eating and chatting, Ikilima felt their passion and predicted that they would get married. Nafsa’s boyfriend had given her a phone, which she had hidden out of fear that her father would discover it.

Haule, glancing at the weather, commented that Fateema had known her boyfriend before, sparking a side conversation filled with gossip.

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