KYAUTAR KODA Complete Document Written By NoorEeman


_Victoria Island_

In the heart of Lagos, on Victoria Island, the name that resonates repeatedly is “RSVP Restaurant.” Despite its grandeur, the establishment welcomes all, transcending economic boundaries.

As the Western sun bathes the scene in a golden glow at five o’clock, a 22-year-old woman occupies a chair, radiating youth with her round face, long nose, and striking white eyes. Her attention is devoted to a lavish possession—an iPhone 3G Kings Button, valued at a staggering $2.5 million. Every aspect of her attire exudes opulence.

Anticipation fills the air as she waits for Mr. Daniel Paul, their business partner, who is running late for their scheduled discussion on company development. Frustration sets in as she realizes she has been seated for nearly half an hour without a sign of his arrival. In desperation, she dials Mr. Daniel, confronting him about his tardiness.

Meanwhile, a handsome young man is captivated by the melodious voice of the young lady. Intrigued, he takes out a large cardboard paper from his bag and skillfully sketches her portrait, enchanted by her magical beauty.

Upon completing the artwork, a waiter approaches and, in a calm voice, requests the young man to deliver the sketch to the mesmerized lady. Obliging, the waiter approaches her, relaying the young man’s gift. To her surprise, the artwork is an exquisite replication of herself. A smile plays on her lips as she accepts the thoughtful gesture.

Intrigued by the mysterious artist, she ponders over his identity while engaging in the business discussion with Mr. Paul. As they conclude their meeting, she gracefully exits the restaurant, turning heads with her impressive stride.

Her departure is escorted by a line of unsmiling bodyguards in black suits, maintaining a stoic presence. Despite her slender frame, her movements are captivating, drawing attention from onlookers. As her bodyguard extends a hand to retrieve the cardboard paper, she dismisses him with a wave, entering a waiting car with an air of quiet elegance.

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