As soon as he spoke, anger crept across his face, but he quickly checked himself and said, “I’m sorry, *Mamma*, if I offended you.”

He acknowledged that he was unintentionally breaking whatever he had planned to do.

“Aikam” shook her head and her expression softened. She said, “You need to be careful about what you say to people; it’s not always what you think. The problem that concerns her is forgetfulness, even if she’s beautiful.”

In the midst of their argument, she exclaimed, “Oh God, if you don’t stop calling her *TASLEEMA*, it’s fine, I must have done something wrong, right?”

He promptly replied, “Yes, *Mamma*, by God, why do you want to choose this girl over me?” He spoke passionately while she showered him with countless kisses. Eventually, she said, “I prefer you.” And she repeated, “I prefer you, alright?”

Let me tell you about the cruel “women who prefer their own children” and hide their guilt when it comes to “other people’s children.” You’ll see how they often favor other children over their own. I know I’m not like them; may God bless my eyes.

He asked, “You are *Mamma*, and now, what should I do with her?” Out of frustration, she retorted, “Oh! My question is, what have you done to her?” The father should have stopped shouting when he heard her say, “Tafirgita is nothing,” right?

So, he looked at *Mamman* and affirmed, “Yes, *Mamman*, I don’t like shouting at her, but she was arguing as if we were equals.” She remarked, “Magnate, I’m watching you; I’ll go out and separate you.”

“And then she said she would come along. I don’t know what she’s thinking. By God, did we send her to the same place? And we went outside like this?” Not to mention that it’s not an ideal place to mediate. He concluded by saying *TASLEEM*. While he did, *Mamma* said, “We can’t wait for you.”

He protested, “I don’t like this because I’m not a member of their family! If it wasn’t for her appearance, why would the demons prompt her to slap me?” He raised his hand, showing her the mark of the slap, and quickly peeled back his shirt. “Mamma, look, because she looked like she wanted to slap me.”

Then he gazed at *Mamma*, who returned his look with eyes filled with understanding. He smiled, running his fingers through his soft hair, and said, “*Mamma*, I’m going to take a shower. Do you want to join me?”

She replied, “Yes, what’s it to me?” She eagerly added, “You should bathe us because you’re always in the water.” His face turned somewhat puzzled as he inquired, “Hey! *Mamma*, but I’m not a frog, am I?” With a smirk, he said, “I don’t know, I’m not sure where to go.”

Laughing, he left the house, saying sorry. Quickly, *TASLEEM* followed him, and *Mamma* watched with a frustrated shake of her head, remarking, “You’re quite a sight! No shame at all? A man is eyeing you, and you’re eyeing him right back? Can’t you see he intends to follow you?”

In a hushed tone, *Mamma* confided, “If he leaves, he’ll come back to me.” Frustrated, she said, “Oh! I’m *Saudatu* today. I’m looking at a source of disappointment. Is *TASLEEMA* the kind of person you’re looking for?” *TAUFIQ* retorted, “Even a dog has a heart.” He added, “But I didn’t tell you to stop looking at them.” She replied, “I didn’t ask you to.” With a mischievous laugh, he said, “Mamma, child of God, let me go tease her, even if it’s ten times.”

Frustrated, she glanced at *TASLEEM* and said, “Well, since my heart isn’t with you, you can do as you please!” She continued, “Even if there were ten girls, you’d ask for a hundred, wouldn’t you? God, I’ll soon do something unexpected regarding this girl.”

Then, she focused her anger on *TASLEEM*, saying, “You! And then we went to pray in the morning. *TASLEEM* entered the room, and *Mamman* followed her, continuing to berate her, saying, “God has given you reason, and you’re not heartless.”


Aside from them, *Mom* and *Abba*, they continued with their lives. The sympathetic observers noticed the couple’s struggles, as they appeared forlorn and downcast. Just a glance and you could see their profound concern for their only child.

They were known as patient and trusting individuals, endowed with a wealth of compassion.

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