Garjejen Sadauki, a formidable hero with long flowing hair, rode with a sharp sword by his side and a small axe tucked into his belt. His horse bore him proudly as he embarked on a journey to the land of Andalus, ruled by Queen Salimatul Andalus.

Andalus was renowned as the hub of wealth and opulence, drawing rich merchants, princes, and nobles from all corners of the world. The Queen, in her wisdom, had erected numerous splendid mansions to host her esteemed guests and ensured their lavish entertainment. The city of Andalus was said to be devoid of poverty, a place where men, women, and children thrived. This prosperity had attracted people from across the globe to make Andalus their home.

Garjejen Sadauki was on a mission to pay tribute and taxes on behalf of the brave lion hunters who had lived in the Jauhar forest, a region rich in natural resources like gold and silver, all of which belonged to the kingdom of Andalus. However, the peace of the region was disrupted when a ferocious lion entered the area, wreaking havoc and taking lives indiscriminately.

The lion’s reign of terror continued as it ventured into the city, mauling and killing residents. The city was in chaos, and no measure seemed sufficient to deal with the marauding beast. The situation had brought shame upon Andalus, with wealthy visitors and rulers boycotting the country due to the lion’s menace.

In a desperate plea, Queen Salimatul Andalus had declared that anyone who could slay the lion would receive half of the kingdom and a thousand gold idols as a reward. Heroes from all corners of the world had attempted to vanquish the lion, but none had succeeded, losing their lives in the process. More than a hundred million valiant men had perished, yet the lion remained undefeated.

As discussions of the lion’s threat filled the palace of Salimatul Andalus, a striking man named Yashigo caught the Queen’s attention. She praised his beauty and suggested that he should marry, for surely, there must be a man worthy of him. Yashigo, however, was different; he was determined to confront the lion.

Amidst the murmurs in the palace, Yashigo mentioned the name of Prince Baulaki, which sent shockwaves through those present. The Queen, intrigued, inquired about Prince Baulaki, and the people anxiously awaited her response.

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