Amadu Baligi is a prominent figure in his village. He is known as the president of the youth and is deeply involved in local politics. He has a reputation for being a fighter and has fought in street battles for various causes. His influence in the village is significant, as he plays a role in bringing development projects like road repairs and drainage improvements to the area.

During the harvest season, Amadu organizes entertainment events, including singing and dancing, in the village. He invites performers to set up stages in their village, and the festivities continue late into the night.

Amadu is also involved in gambling and often stays up late at night, gambling with others in the town. He is known for spending his winnings extravagantly, but his money rarely seems to last long.

Amadu got his nickname, “Baligi,” when he was just twelve years old while he was fishing with other children in the village. He proudly declared himself as “Baligi,” and the name stuck.

One of Amadu’s unique characteristics is his welcoming attitude toward prostitutes in the town. He is known to welcome any prostitute who settles in the area, regardless of their age or background. He distinguishes between “Karuwai” (married women who go on tours) and “Gilli” (young, unmarried prostitutes). He provides shelter and support to these women, ensuring they have a place to stay and food to eat.

Amadu Baligi’s reputation in the village is well-established, and he is respected as a leader among the youth. His influence extends to local politics, entertainment, and even social issues like prostitution, making him a central figure in his community.

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