You arrived home in a hurry, drenched in sweat from fasting and eager to see your family. After a respectful greeting to the guard, you entered your family’s house, which had multiple sections. You noticed shoes at the door, indicating that your father was home. You proceeded to your room to put away your bag and then went to the kitchen where your mother was busy cooking.

You offered to help your mother in the kitchen, and she handed you a saqar. Afterward, you went to your room to perform ablution and pray. When you came out, you found your mother taking a shower and changing clothes. She mentioned that your father was fasting as well.

You went to your father’s room and found him sitting on a prayer mat surrounded by books. There were two students with him, and you joined them. Your father noticed you were fasting and expressed concern.

Later, you met your sister Rufaida, who was fasting and appeared irritated. When you returned home, you found your mother watching Aljazeera. She urged you to eat, and after a meal, you performed ablution and prayed.

You dressed up and expected that the house would be filled due to your father’s return.

The narrative then shifts to introduce the origin of your family. Alhaji Mukhtar, your father, has one wife, Juwairiyya, who gave birth to five children: Alhaji Datti, Abubakar, Habeebu, Mahmoud (your father), and Kareema (the only daughter). Each of the sons had distinct personalities, with Datti being the eldest and responsible, Abubakar being quick-tempered but obedient, Habeebu being playful yet carrying some pain, and Mahmoud being patient and enduring.

Alhaji Datti, the head of the house, had an eye problem, which sometimes led to situations occurring without his knowledge. Abubakar managed his business in Dubai, while Habeebu, your father, was described as understanding and laid-back, particularly when it came to his wife’s hairdressing.

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