Be with Us

Be with Us

She lay on her bed, sobbing uncontrollably. Unable to contain her emotions, she got up, opened the bedroom door, and called out, “Hey Yasmeen, please forgive me for crying.” Sitting on the edge of the bed, she lifted her tear-streaked face. Yasmeen, also crying, responded, “I’ll stop crying, Khadija. I married that boy, Mr. Yaron, and I’m grateful that I’m not much older than him. Thank God someone understands my pain.”

Filled with compassion, Khadija shook her younger sister and said, “I understand, Yasmeen, but remember, he advised you to be patient and accept this as your destiny. Obedience to our parents is perhaps the best course of action. Please, gather yourself and get ready to be alone. It’s for the best.”

Yasmeen continued to cry, while Khadija did her best to console her. In an effort to comfort her, Khadija suggested, “Sit down and let the makeup artist attend to you.”

“May God forgive you. Let’s go,” Khadija added.

They descended to the parlor, where the people responsible for taking the bride were waiting. Ummi, Yasmeen’s mother, offered her valuable advice regarding her new life. They then proceeded to take Yasmeen to her bridegroom’s house, arriving safely.

Yasmeen glanced at Khadija and said, “Please forgive me. Clear your mind and take care of yourself. Are you doing well?”

Harara looked back at her and replied, “I won’t feel at ease until I know that this Yaron isn’t causing you any trouble.”

Apologizing hurriedly, Khadija bid farewell to Yasmeen and left, as she was being awaited elsewhere.

Once outside, Khadija burst into tears.

Meanwhile, Mahmud cautiously entered the parlor, his head lowered and holding a roll of toilet paper. Observing that no one was present, he quietly proceeded upstairs, directly entering another room. He heard the sound of water running in the bathroom, and he approached with the toilet paper in hand, eventually sitting on the bed, observing the room.

Yasmeen spent 40 minutes in the bathroom, taking a bath. She emerged with a towel wrapped around her thighs, standing in front of the dressing mirror and drying her body. She then applied body lotion and opened her wardrobe, selecting a sleep dress, pants, and an orange-colored shirt. Their eyes met, with Mahmud gazing at her intently. Angrily, Yasmeen exclaimed, “Why won’t you allow Mahmud to enter the room?”

Firmly, Khadija sat on the bed and sternly said, “Please forgive me.” She shouted at him, “Leave Mahmud’s room! I don’t want to see you here!” As she pointed to the ground, she glared at him, frustrated by his intense gaze. Taking a pillow from the bed, she began throwing it at him, warning, “I told you to leave the room, or I will remove you from this house!”

Mahmud apologized and said, “Then I will leave. May God forgive me.” He slowly rose to his feet and left the room, appearing somewhat disoriented, like someone who had consumed alcohol.

Laughingly, Yasmeen remarked, “What if she learns to wear a veil? ????”

“If I see you, you’re welcome. Why not move on?” she added.


He attempted to touch her, but she swiftly pulled away, questioning Mahmud, “Do you think you’re clever? How much do you think you can get away with?” Holding a spoon in her hand, she teased him, saying, “Come closer, and I’ll give you a taste.” She walked away from the kitchen without waiting for a response. Despite her nonchalant attitude, she felt his embrace. Though she tried to resist, he still managed to touch her breasts, which were partially visible through her dress. A voice whispered, “The scent is so sweet. It feels like I’m on top of a cloud.”

Yasmeen winced, feeling a sharp pain in her body.

With the help of her mother, Mahmud snapped back to reality. A voice from the ground exclaimed, “Wow, God save me! I entered the room, and they were talking.” Looking at his wife, Mahmud scoffed, “You fool, you look like a drunkard. I wanted to make you mine today, but I’ll let it go. No one will believe me anyway.” He fell silent for a few moments before slowly saying, “My dear, if I recall correctly, I brought the chicken home yesterday. Tell her to handle my belongings, or I’ll leave her alone.” He left the kitchen, striding away arrogantly.

On her bed, Yasmeen collapsed and burst into tears, overcome by pain and fear. She had already lost her love for Mahmud, and now they were forced into this situation together. She cried, worried about the pain she felt. Eventually, she gathered herself and went to the bathroom to wash her face before returning.

The remaining chicken was taken care of by Hollandia, and Yasmeen climbed onto her bed, lying down. Her phone started ringing, and upon seeing that it was Ummi calling, she adjusted her voice before answering and bidding farewell. She greeted Ummi and responded, “Where am I supposed to sleep, Ummi? You’re kind, thank God. I hope you woke up well, my dear husband.”

Yasmeen smiled and said, “Ah, you’re doing well, Ummi.”

Ummi returned the smile and said, “May God bless him. Aisha will bring you food soon. If you need anything, just let her know.”

Yasmeen smiled and replied, “Oh, it’s alright, Ummi.” Then, jokingly, she added, “Well, Yasmeen, you should feel sorry for the one I saw you with, shouldn’t you?”

“Insha Allah, Ummi. Thank you,” Yasmeen said before ending the call. She muttered to herself, “Hmmm, let the game begin.”

Meanwhile, Mahmud sneaked into his own bedroom, went to the bathroom, took a shower, and stood there for a while before finally showering. He emerged, stood in front of the dressing mirror, and applied scented body lotion. Opening his wardrobe, he took out his three-quarters pants and a t-shirt, as he had nowhere else to go for his honeymoon.

He got ready and stepped towards the door of Yasmeen’s bedroom, knocking on it. Yasmeen was eating her chicken when she heard the knocking sound. Mahmud, sensing her silence, spoke up, “Madam, since I won’t be granted my rights, at least come out and give me a piece of chicken. You shouldn’t eat the chicken you haven’t paid for.”

Yasmeen replied, “Please, stop bothering me with your noisy comments.”

Looking up,

Mahmud responded, “Alright then, if you won’t help me, I told you not to let me stay. The chicken will go to waste by the time you finish.”

Concerned about the discomfort in her stomach, Yasmeen grew angrier and said, “What if you’re using witchcraft? You’ve turned me into a pitiful fool, and now my father has locked me in a room with a chicken.”

With a smile, Mahmud retorted, “Well, now you’ll see what it’s like to be my lover.” He then went downstairs to the parlor, sat down with his phone, and began texting, smiling as if he had a secret. Only God knows what he was saying, but it was clear he intended to intimidate her.

Yasmeen felt the urge to vomit but was too afraid to leave the room. She emerged from the bathroom and said, “What are you planning now? They say if you consume aphrodisiacs, even if you didn’t want it, it’ll still affect you.”

Lost in her thoughts, she sat on her bed, contemplating a way out of her predicament. Remembering Khadija, she quickly grabbed her phone and dialed her sister’s number. When Khadija answered, Yasmeen pleaded, “Help me, Khadija. If someone has taken aphrodisiacs, how can they alleviate the effects? Please, I’m in pain.”

Confused, Khadija asked, “I don’t understand what you mean.”

Undeterred, Yasmeen insisted, “Please, I beg you. Find a solution for me. I feel like my stomach is changing.”

Khadija smiled and replied, “There’s no medicine that can ease your pain except being with your husband. Whatever is troubling you, go and seek comfort in his embrace.”

Yasmeen opened her eyes wide and said, “That’s something that will never happen. Please, God, show me another way.”

With a sigh, Khadija suggested, “Well, there’s one thing you can try. Ask for some lemon and mix it with black tea. It might offer some relief.”

“Okay, thank you, Kawata,” Yasmeen said appreciatively before ending the call. She muttered to herself, “I have to start this game.”

Meanwhile, Mahmud quietly entered his bedroom, went to the bathroom, and took a shower. He stood there for a while before finally stepping out. He stood in front of the dressing mirror, applied body lotion with a pleasant scent, and opened his wardrobe. He grabbed his three-quarters pants and the t-shirt he would wear since they had nowhere to go for their honeymoon.

Once he was ready, he approached the door of Yasmeen’s bedroom, knocking softly. Yasmeen, still eating her chicken, heard the knocking and paused.

Mahmud, noticing her silence, raised his voice and said, “Madam, since you won’t grant me my rights, at least bring me a piece of chicken. After all, you won’t eat the chicken you haven’t paid for.”

Yasmeen replied, “Please, stop bothering me with your complaints.”

Looking up at her, Mahmud responded, “Fine, if you won’t help me. I warned you not to keep me waiting. The chicken will be cold by the time you’re finished.” And with that, he left the room, heading downstairs with a self-assured demeanor.

Yasmeen continued eating her chicken, feeling a mix of emotions and struggling to find a way out of her current situation.

Be with Us

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